CNY 2020- my happy times

15 days of CNY ended on Saturday 8th Feb 2020.

Did you have a wonderful CNY? I did 🙋‍♀️

My dad doing prayers to Heaven, God and ancestors once clock striked 12am on 1st day of CNY. This night was also for children to stay up late. Folks’ tale: to bless parents with long life. 🙏🙏🙏
My 3rd younger sis engaged lion dance to our folks home. Kids were so excited ❤ our 1st time!
The 9 grandkids in Chew Family house! Exclude my sisters and bil please 😆
Papa receiving all the good blessings from the Lions. Huat Ah!
My eldest daughter with her friends gathering at our home 😏 friendly gambling ok
Gathering with my friends for Lo Hei and lunchie 😋
Happy is to be happy with what you have. Thats it 💙💋
Lion dance @ Company. Everyone Huat la!
Company Lo Hei!
Every CNY with the same Cai Shen Ye. Huat Ah
And he got nottier this 2020 🤭
The Legendary chicken cutlet curry mee at Chinatown Market. I finally had a taste of it. Sibei Yummy!!! 💙💙💙
Caught the rainbow after enjoying the rain 💙 Make a wish come true ya 🙏
Last but not least, I finally achieved in bunning up my hair! 😆😆😆 not easy hor. Huat Huat!