Welcome 2020 goals 💙

My 1st 2020 post

Happy is watching my 3 babies growing up everyday. ☺️ 14yo, 12yo and 11yo now. 🤟

Looking at them from a distance, I see how my big girl teaching her siblings and lil cousin to cycle and ride scooter, one by one, one to one.

I see them laugh together, play together, talk together, sweat together, encourage one another together. 💙

Let them roam, let them play, let them know this is enough to fill a happy day.

I just wana shoutout! Im very proud to have these kids as my children. 💙



Dont wait for another day to come

If she still has time for you, give her your time.🙋‍♀️
If she still holds your hands, hold hers tight.👭
If she still sits down to eat with you, remember to order more food. 😂
If she still takes photos with you, remember to smile. ☺️


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