How has your 2019 been?

How has your 2019 been?

Some days you felt happy.
Some days you felt cranky.
Some days you just didnt wana talk to me.

Im not perfect mum. I go crazy at times. I lost control when I felt so tired but I still need be there for you always.

Every school day was a routine for you and me. While you had to deal with school and take care yourself after school, I was at work and thinking about you. At certain timing, I had to check my hp to see if you were safely home.

You had a tough day. Sometimes you wished I wouldnt keep nagging at you about your homework or telling you to go bathe. But end of the day, you still loved me well.

This year continued to be a battle for me. But things definitely got better for us.

Every encouraging word you said, every letter you wrote, kept me moving on.

Im glad I held on to you all tightly.
Im glad I never run away from my responsibilities.

End of the day, noone can ever love you as much as I do.

I cant promise a luxury life for you. But I can promise I will always be by you till you dont need me anymore.

Lets look forward to next year with the new shift and be surrounded by more family love.

I hope all parents in the world will love their own kids and not forsake them for their own happiness.

May this world be filled with humanity.

#familymatters #theyaremyeverything

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