3D2N out of the house

School holidays are here!

My bil had pre-booked a bungalow chalet at Civil Service Club @ Loyang 6 months ago, in preparation to reward all our school kids. ☺️ very thoughtful of him and his wife aka my younger sis. ❤

All ready packed for 3D2N – here we come~

Day 1:

Checked in at 3pm. Tour around the big bungalow that comes with a big living room, dining room, spacious kitchen, 4 master bedroom with balcony, 5 toilets and bbq pit area.

After selecting our own rooms (total 4 families which was just nice!), settled down for some indoor activities.

Dinner time. We went to take shuttle bus that could drive us out to Downtown East.

Took a walk around the Downtown East and then headed to NTUC to top up drinks, snacks and bread.

We missed the last shuttle bus timing to get back to CSC. 😱 So we decided to walk back as form of exercise. 😜

It took us about less than half hour. This night walk together as a whole family, is something that will always bring me smile and kept in my memory. ❤

My youngest daughter had corns on her sole and she had difficulty walking. My eldest daughter took the initative to piggyback her. After 5 min, I took over. After another 5 min, my younger sis offered. Then followed by my bil and last my Dad. While this was happening, the boys aka grandkids were responsible to carry all the heavy groceries that were bought from NTUC.

My Mum and other 2 sisters took charge of taking care my baby niece and nephew. It was a total great family teamwork displayed, where help need not be begged or asked for. 🥰

After reaching back the bungalow, it was already 10pm plus. Rest and relax time!

Day 2:

Woke up 8am to get ready for the BIG swim~

So much fun playing as a big group that we actually forgot we didnt even had breakfast yet! 🤭

About 10am, bil went to wash up and drove out to get the nearby famous wanton mee for us 😋

December is known to be rainy season. Right after we finished our breakfast, it started raining again.

Struck at Chalet, we took the chance to watch FROZEN and a couple disney movies on netflix together while munching on tidbits. 😆

Around 5pm, we began our BBQ time!

When we finished all the food, it was almost 10pm. Full of bbq smell and sweat, everyone took turns to bathe. Time for early rest coz next day checkout at 10am lor ~

Day 3:

Woke up at 7.30am to prepare simple breakfast with sisters for everyone. Haha!

After checkout, we decided to go Loyang Temple do some offerings. 🙏

May these lovely kids of ours be blessed with greater good in them. 🙏❤

Then we headed to Jewel for lunch and walk about.

It was almost 4pm when we decided to end the 3-Day successful family event. 🥰.

Family. As long as together, doing nothing also means something. Its love.