Advance Xmas Day

Xmas is coming.

But we never like crowds.

We decided to give ourselves advance celebration.

On Friday, I did dinner with my firstborn. I called it our special candlelight dinner for two of us only.

My firstborn holds a very special place in my heart from the day she was born till now. She was the first to make me a mother, first to make me love a baby that was created by me.

I was feeling abit down that night. I just needed someone to be by my side. Not for talks, but just to be with me. She is the one who dont talk alot with me but her presence will just bring me peace and comfort that I need. I really felt so much better. ❤

On Saturday morning, I felt so gulity for my 2 younger ones. 😅

Thats how I decided to make the day as advance xmas celebration for all 4 of us together.

I wanted to find a special dining place for lunch. Google told me we could try out DC Super Heros Cafe at Takashimaya. 😍

Ambience was ok. Very good for photos taking and for memories. But Food was so-so only. The hotdog sandwich, beef burger and the steak were not bad but the tomato seafood pasta and fries were too salty 😪. Over-priced to be honest.

It was our 1st time and sadly would also be our last time to dine there again. 😂

Nevertheless, we still had our pretty photos captured!

Again, happy advance xmas to all.

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