Unexpected Prawning Fun!

As usual, FAVE app did me a great favour. 😍

I was totally out of plans for kids activities on last Saturday. 🤦‍♀️ As I browsed through FAVE activities, there was a 33% discount offer for prawning at Hai Bin Sembawang.

I had a once prawning experience with my kids many years ago at Jurong and we brought home the prawns to cook and eat. The feeling was so-so only. 😅

I was expecting my kids to say NOT KEEN when I proposed aloud “Today go prawning?”

Unexpectedly… my big girl said “Let’s go” 😍

Off we went out for lunchie 1st. Since location was at Sembawang, we headed to Sembawang Shopping Mall to hunt for our lunch. It was also my and my kids first time around Sembawang. 🤣

First step into the Mall, my sharp-eyed son saw Hei Sushi sign. “Sushi Sushi Sushi please mummy” 😅 Already 11 year old big boy and still acting like a super small kid. 🤭

Never try Hei Sushi before anyway…so we tried. It was a halal restuarant as I saw mostly were Malay customers.

The food was yummy! Pricing was ok too. 👍

We took a short walk around the Mall before we headed for our prawning activity. Hai Bin is located at the Sembawang Home NSTeam there, about 6 minutes drive from the Mall.

There are 3 prawning ponds and the crowd was filled up by 1 pond when we arrived around 3.30pm.

We spent 2 hours fishing for prawns.

My big girl caught her 1st prawn and it was a super big one!

My son was the 2nd runner up to catch his 1st prawn. 😆 look at him smiling so happily 🤟

My youngest girl didnt manage to catch any prawns 😅 but she didnt feel at all disappointed. Instead she was full of joy and cheers when she saw her elder siblings successfully fished out prawns time to time. She really holds good sportsmanship. 💯

This were my kids’ achievements when 2 hours were up. 🏆🍺

Hai Bin provided free BBQ pit space, charcoals, starters, satay sticks and salt to cook prawns.

We decided to try setting up the BBQ pit and cook the prawns to eat on our own. It was really our 1st time handling this on our own! 🤭

My eldest daughter took care of setting up the BBQ pit and started the fire. OMG she is really an independent capable babe 👍

My son and her youngest sis sat at the table to play with the prawns while waiting… 😅

Once the fire was ready, I gathered them to help wash the prawns and poked with satay sticks and seasoned with salt.

And the official BBQ cooking commenced! I dunno where they found a empty box and they tore it to fan the fire 🤣🤣🤣 Quite surprised me.

Ready to eat the prawns? 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Lets’ tuck in!!! 👏👏👏😉

We really loved this activity! Great bonding and quality time with one another. Just so much fun together being silly and enjoying each other’s company ❤

I would like another round again soon! 😘