Crabs and Archery Day 🤗

Ever since I was introduced to “FAVE” app to search for deals with attractive discounts a month ago… I had been crazily looking through the deals everyday.😛

Activities and dining sections are what attracts me the most – coz for kids 🙆‍♀️

My goal is to bring the kids out every weekend, where possible, to different kind of activities. Letting them realise that there can be equally much exploring fun in Singapore, compared to travelling to other countries for holiday 🤟, but yea I admit, Im not a rich mummy that can afford paying for 4 airtickets and accomodation alone 😅

So back to last weekend, Sunday, I had purchased the Archery tickets which was at 40% discount in “FAVE” app.

Location was at the Turf Club. Had whatsapp the Archery to confirm the timing – 3pm.

It was so convenient using GOOGLE to search for anything. Found that its nearest mall was The Grandstand Mall. And so we headed over earlier for lunch.

It was my and kids 1st time exploring around the Turf Club area. The Grandstand Mall looks like a big long shophouse from outside. There are quite a handful of F&B outlets, and a few “activity” outlets. Here, you dont find any retail outlets, so dont expect to go on any shopping spree ya 🤭.

My son loves crabs alot. Upon seeing The Dancing Crab resturant, which we have never tried before either, he was in full pestering mode on me to let it be our lunch. Well, my dearest boy, your wish is my command. 🙆‍♀️

Not really sure how to go about ordering, the waitress gave her recommendation about a couple crab cooking style and flavours that are popular.

And so we ordered one dungeness combo bag (serves about 3 pax), that consists of 1 x 1.3kg dungeness crab, 350gm prawns, 300gm clams, corns and sausage. We selected butter salted egg flavour. It was super yummy! 😋

Added a couple side dishes and drinks to make ourselves fuller. 🤗

The kids really enjoyed eating. I didnt eat alot actually but its OK! 😚 Thankful I made the choice (the bill came expensive though 😅 but spending on my kids are nothing to be calculative! 🤟)

When we finished around 2.15pm, we made our way slowly to the DM Archery, which was located at 220 Turf Club Road. It took us about half an hour slow walk, from the Mall to there.

Though half an hour walk sounded long, I found it super short. 😛 We were busy chatting, making fun of one another, commenting at the things we saw along the way ❤ I really loved the moments.

And ta ta! We reached.

There wasnt much crowd though, which benefited us. 😛

Throughout the whole 1.5 hr session, the coach put all his time in guiding my kids how to hold the bow, put the arrows and aim to shoot. 🙆‍♀️ He made jokes along the way, which let my kids felt so comfortable with him around. HAha 😉

Another new activity checkout and mission accomplished! 🤟

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