Sick Days πŸ˜ͺ

I was down with sudden vomitting and diarrhea on Friday night. Waking up every an hour or so, running to toilet to find “antidote”. Whole body especially my feet was feeling cold, though the night weather was warm and only fan was turned on.

Soon it was almost dawn. I finally fell into some sleep after succeeded in vomitting out all, I guess.

Well, as a solo caregiver, I still forced myself wake up at 7 on a Saturday (coz the kids were already awake 😌 so early… πŸ˜‘), prepared their breakfast, filled up their water bottle and called them to wash up before taking food.

I had wished I could go back to bed after that… but it struck me that I needed to disinfect the toilet first. 😱

I began some scrubbing, washing, cleaning and spraying the toilet and especially the bowl for a good 30mins I think.

Unknowingly, I went to remove all the bed mattress sheets and dumped them into washing machine. Next, took the wiper and mop to clean the floor. By then it was coming to 10.

Not wanting to think anymore, I told my big girl I would get some rest and have her wake me up for lunchtime.

Yup, about 11.30am I did wake up feeling restless. I felt being tortured πŸ˜… of having not the satisfated amount of sleep. After ordered lunch from Foodpanda, I just lay on bed staring at the TV, which my son had on to watch “The Flash” drama on NetFlix.

My kids were actually sensible, which I felt blessful about it. They were either silently watching TV, playing games on their hp at times or doing some drawings. None created any drama or messed up the house while I was resting. πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

I fell back into a deep sleep again shortly… and by time I woke up on my own, it was almost 5pm. πŸ˜ͺ

It was my youngest sis birthday and we had arranged to celebrate for her at our parents home. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, I had a quick wash up, changed clothes and brought my kids to my parents home.

I realised I didnt consume any food the whole day. πŸ˜… but I wasnt feeling hungry either. At my parents home, I tried to avoid in contact with my nieces and nephews as I was scared of passing them any virus. Well, I was a stubborn kind. They kept asking me to see doc get some medicine, but I hated eating medicine.

I told myself as long as I dont eat for a day, which sort of “clean” out my body, I should be fine the next day.

Well, I really didnt vomit or had diarrhea for the rest of the night. 😁

The next day was a Sunday. I thought I had felt much better. Feeling gulity of not letting my kids enjoy on Saturdays (which I always try make a point to bring them out), we went out to “play”.

However, when I got back home, I suffered another round of sickness… and this time, my son kena it. He vomitted few times in the night. 😭

We both didnt manage to attend work or school the next Monday. Went to see doc and got medicine.

Well, it went another round of cleaning and disinfecting the whole house for me again, while my son rested on bed.

Had been praying hard my 2 girls didnt kena… πŸ™ and so far so good! πŸ™Š

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