Eat. Play. Escape!

Every 29th Sep, Me and my 3 wonder kids marked it as our Annual Special Day Together 🤟

It was a lovely Sunday. Past few days of rain had reduced the hazy weather. Thankful for this, so that we could have a good start of the day 😚

Went to Vivo for late breakfast. Simply love sitting down to eat together ❤

Sisters ❤🙆‍♀️

Young man in da house! 😎

Haha! Saw some unglam sights of a plump woman with her half balls exposed… 🤭 pardon us… sorry. She had purposedly dressed in such way… what to do sia. We can only try not to look at her further. Btw, she was sitting in front of our table… 😅

After a hearty breakfast, we went to the TimeZone located at Level 2, near to the GV.

Earlier on, I had purchased a 5 game bowl pin voucher at half price from “FAVE”. Worth the deal.

When we stepped into the TimeZone at 12pm, there wasnt much crowd. Yea lucky us! Previously had popped by few times but the bowling game section was always packed with queue.

Here goes the crazy fun for my 3 kids!

Its time to hit some ass! 😏

Next, we headed to Telok Blangah House at Harbourfront MRT exit D.

Had purchased tickets to The Escape Artist for 2pm on “FAVE”. Worth the deal as its website online selling $25 per pax, but from “FAVE”, with huge discount, its only $13 per pax. 🤟😚

There are 4 game rooms to choose from; Dracula, Flashpoint, Outpost and Zombie X. Each room has its own difficulty and physcial level and fear factor. After the kids discussed, they decided to go for Flashpoint. 🤜🤛

First time trying out the Escape Game.
We were not allowed to take any photos during the game. 😌

The officer explained the game rules and instructions to us before we were left to roam by ourselves. There were about 6 stages to clear to reach the bomb and disconnect it before it explored. 😳

Every stage had a door locked with a 4 pin number code lock. Given items lying around every stage, we were to find clues that linked to unlocking the 4 number lock.

We were given a phone to call for hints and help at anytime. I guess my son just kept calling every 2 minutes. 🤭🤣

First stage already took us 20 minutes to unlock the door sia! 😌

Walau… I couldnt really crack any of the codes but my kids esp my big one was superup. 😳👍

All the way Im just their Burden LOL! 🤭

But glad to see them working together to find way out. The in between moments were full of unforgettable and funny memories left by the kids.

One particular scene was to unlock a ladder to climb to another section. But we were all trying to avoid waste time to unlock the 4 pin number lock. And so we tried to climb up that section (about 2.5m height) by stepping on my back while I was in a dog position. My 2 girls managed to climb up to that section. Just when it was my son’s turn, the officer suddenly popped out from nowhere and stopped us. 😅

“No cheating, no dangerous acts. Please use your means by unlocking the 4 pin lock to get the ladder to climb up ok” the officer spoke in a worried tone.

After he disappeared, we all burst out laughing non stop at the silly idea and acts we had done! 🤣 So my 2 girls jumped down from the section and we unlocked the ladder after few tries, used the ladder, one by one, we climbed up to the section. HAHA!

But sadly we didnt have time to disconnect the bomb (last stage to clear). The bomb had a countdown time of 30 min.

We thought the bomb would really explore and we all hid one corner and cover our ears. LAUGHDIEUS.

Theres no explosion btw… 😑

The whole game thing took us about 1.5hour to end. We were so tired out from utilising our brain cells, our physical strength and non stop laughing.

Great Day spent!!!


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