Happy Monday ❀

Monday was a public holiday in SG. Happy!

We got to sleep as late as we can last night and woke up the next day… not by alarm, but naturally self waking up.😚

It was near to 9.30am when me and kids awake. After washing up and getting dressed, it was close to 10.30am already.

“Lets do brunch!” I proposed to the hungry kids. I checked the website to see which eating places have those brunch deals. Hmm Vivo City!

Off we headed to there. Reached at 11am.

Yea, we decided to spend our day at Brotzeit restaurant. I have been here before with my friends for dinner and chill out. Food was awesome and unforgettable. Atmosphere was suitable for chill out and hang out for as long as you want.

We chose the outdoor area, where we could face the sea and sentosa view.

While most people like to chill out with friends, I like to chill out with my kids. 😏

Drinks are free flow for 3 hours. You can choose from range of soft drinks, iced lemon tea to hot/cold tea and coffee.

Toast to our “friendship” and many more to come!

Enjoy quality cold cut with selection of European cheese and premium bread basket of Bavarian Pretzel, Sunflower seed roll and Kaiser Roll.

Fresh German egg noodles tossed in creamy mushroom sauce, with mushrooms and juicy beef & pork meatballs. πŸ˜‹

Pan-sealed farmed Barramudi Fillet on a bed of Fresh German egg noodles with lemon herb cream sauce. Kinda healthy 😝

Coated with Chef’s unique garlic, beer and barbeque infused sauce, this Brotzeit signature Ribs is heavenly tasted. Its a big portion for 4!

Featuring five best-selling authentic German selections of spicy chicken, Numberger, pork cheese, Weibwurst and Thuringer sausages. My kids simply love!

We were so full that we couldnt squeeze any desserts into our stomach. They do serve brownies with icecream. Next round gotta try!

We spent nearly 4 hours enjoying the food, drinks, relaxing, playing hp games and chit chat together. Love the moments! Time was definitely well spent. ❀

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