❤Family❤ where Life begins & Love never ends

My eldest uncle passed away last Thursday at hospital. At age 75, he had a loving wife, 3 grown kids married happily, all had own kids. He was a grandpa of 5 grandchildren. I hope he had rest in peace since his wishes had all been fufilled.

I wasnt that close to my eldest uncle. Only visited him during CNY. Last saw him during this Feb19, he was still looking strong and happy.

My mum couldnt stop crying. Her emotions were to such extend that she kept venting anger onto us and banging things in the kitchen. She couldnt control herself.

My eldest uncle’s funeral was held at his home void deck for 3 days. Sunday was the day to send his coffin off to Mandai Columbarium.

On Saturday evening, after settling my kids dinner, I went to the funeral. My aunty was looking ok. I didnt caught her crying or looking sad. She was talking normal and smiling. In my heart, I felt, she was trying to stay strong as not to let anyone worry her.

Her children’s eyes were red and swollen. We had three rounds of chanting and prayings guided by the priest. It was close to 11pm when finished. I felt tired. And I guess my parents and aunty and her children would be more exhausted.

On Sunday, we reached about 11am. Had breakfast at the funeral, while preparations for the final sent off were in progress. I hang around to chat with my papa and relatives.

One young uncle was saying “Haiks, next time our death turn, dont know whether the young generation will know how to arrange such funeral to send us off or not lo” He kept shaking his head as he continued on “Prepare funeral also troublesome and need money. Maybe I just ask my kids skip the funeral, sent my body to burn into ashes and put at the Columbarium will do. Simple”

I felt sad. Doing funeral is to let people pay respects to the dead for last time. And to invite priest do chantings and burn offerings to let the dead go in peace. If anyone doesnt know how to do, can google on Youtube see see and learn. “Dont think so much, uncle. These “procedures” that need to be done, still have to be done, and will be done no matter what.🙏” I comforted him. ❤

About 1plus, the priest called everyone to gather for last prayers. Everyone were given joss sticks and stack of paper money. The priest ordered everyone to walk in a line behind him as he began his chants. We followed him as he walked round the coffin then to the end of void deck and back coffin in few circles. As we walked and said our prayers for the dead in silence, we tossed the paper money along to the floor. Its part of funeral custom.

As I walked close to the coffin, I saw my dead uncle face. It was such a sad sight at that point, I finally burst out crying. Not only me, everyone else teared as they walked past the coffin… My aunty finally broke down. She cried so badly that she couldnt walk. I guess she had been holding on her tears till now…. really heartbreaking sight.

At 2.30pm, the coffin was carried into the funeral van. All of us followed the van behind as it slowly drove out onto the main road.

At 3.30pm, we reached Mandai Columbarium. We were ushered into a hall, where it was the final sent off for the dead to be burned. The priest asked everyone to shout out last words for the dead.

“Uncle, 一路好走。。。” I shouted as I cried. My aunty, her children, her children in laws and grandkids, all kept shouting non stop, crying to tell my uncle go in peace. My aunty’s eldest son held her hands as he shouted to his father ” Dad, go in peace. I promise you I will take care of Mummy forever. I will get her to stay with me, by my side always!”

FAMILY… where Life begins… and Love never ends ❤

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