Setia Alam, MY

Take a break, have some sassy-sassy time ❀

Lets fly!

A short stay at Setia Alam. 1st time exploring this part of Malaysia, which is near KL.

Booked this serviced apartment, Trefoil. Quite interesting as its a self check in, where the person whatsapp you instructions on how to retrieve your room keys from mailbox with given password. 😎 its faster and at own pace, I feel.

The room feels cosy and spacious, just like at home sia. I love its decorations. 😍

After checking in and putting down my stuff, head to meet a couple colleagues working at KL for lunchie. First of all, I had been on KETO diet. But for this trip, I decide to “cheat” a couple days. 🀭

At Setia City Mall – The Mattahan Fish Market. Honestly, in Singapore, I dont frequent this restuarant. πŸ˜…

Ordered their Murray Curry with rice (I think Singapore doesnt serve this?). Its nice and spicy, just right for my taste buds! πŸ˜‹

They call this Minty cool (consists of Chamomile tea, mint leaves and cucumber). Its so refreshing! So minty cool indeed! 😚

Had this Beef salad for dinner @ Sushi King. Convinced myself I need eat something light before nighttime falls. 🀣

Next day, lunch at Paparich (Singapore also has! but I never dine in before) πŸ˜‹. I simply love any food that has curry and…. CHILLI 😍

I recommend you can go visit this mall – Setia City Mall, located at Setia Alam. It is a very big mall, like Vivo City. Many retail shops, F&B shops and a big cinema located at highest level. πŸ‘

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