The lucky 13th

28.07.2019 was my firstborn 13th birthday.

She said she feel old… but she forgot Im thrice her age πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

She filled up many roles in my life.

Discipline Mistress – whenever I couldnt handle her two younger siblings, she did the job. The two younger ones seem more scared of her than me! 🀭

Financial Controller – whenever I want to buy better stuff for 3 of them, she always ❌ me. πŸ€‘

Carrier – whenever I buy heavy groceries, she will just take most of the heavy bags and walk off 😚

Encourager – she always give me off for my personal time and I never have to worry about things at home πŸ™

Listener – she always listen to my day-to-day stories without showing any impatience. Maybe she just filter off but I chose not to think so 😝

Advicer – whenever Im lost with solutions, she anyhow gives suggestion also can work! 😎

Companion – she always wait me off work at LRT station, pack dinner together and walk home. This short 20 minutes every weekday, makes me look forward to next day off work time πŸ₯°

Teacher – she teaches me how to behave like a mother. Her stares on me, I know what to do next πŸ˜‘

Lastly, Daughter – we only have this life to be related by blood. Dont ever change who you are. Just coz its all the above that makes you the only awesome special one.

Happy Birthday, Dion. Enjoy your life journey. Im with you always ❀

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