Being kind doesnt make you weak

Isnt it sweet that there are those who still keep past memories of you, like at least 13 years ago?

Just when I thought I had lost some friends years ago after I got married… I found them back after I divorced. The world is round. Its like Im back to square 1 now, except the fact I gain myself 3 lovable kids.

Friends help me recall my younger times, where One said he personally had liked me as a friend. 😉

One saw me on the streets and told me I looked prettier and still young. 😅 Im already 38 and he was like how old only, keep asking me out for date. But sadly Im not into dates. 🤭 Im sorry, young man.

One texted me said he would be behind me all way. Thanks, buddy 👊

One told me Im a fucking strong woman, and it was decade years ago, our ubin trip that revealed my charcater. Determination to finish the cycling race that we had, despite the rowdy hill paths. Not only he felt that of me, but a few of other friends that were together. They kept in their heart, not wanting to tell me. But now, he chose to let me know. Coz of how he seen I solely take care my kids, trying to let my kids stay happy, despite I had been torn. He still remembered the lil birthday cake that I had brought to celebrate with him at his house downstair. That day, was also the day his ex gf of 10 years broke up with him. He remembered I was by him at his downtimes. When it was my downtimes, his turn to stood by me. 🤜🤛

You know, simple thoughts, simple kind words, actually made me smile. It really brightens up my day, knowing that I hold a lil some memory inside their heart for so long. ❤

Noone is born to be bad by nature. But coz of temptations, not willing to compromise, make sacrifices, not willing to give but to take only, uncontentment, no empathy, no self discipline, selfishness, reveal all the ugliness in a person. Sigh 😑 and best of all, these people act like they are not in any wrong… I guess they never met a mirror.

Some females told me, that they could never be like me, if it were to happen on them. They told me Im a brave one. I raise his kids for him, given kids are carrying his surname. Why dont I just throw the kids to him to make him suffer with no freedom?

Well, in life, we are all given two choices; either to run away or to stay.

I choose the latter. I love my kids. I painstakingly born them out to this world. The first person to love them is me. The first person to feed them is me. The first person they can only trust… is me. I didnt care if their surnames still under his. Its just a surname for a purpose, not a surname to determine their destiny.

What I do now, I want my kids to learn well. Never run away from responsibilities. Never break your promises. Focus on being good, rather than act good. Dont chase material things or fame. Dont lose yourself over Ego and Pride.

Being kind doesnt make you weak. 🙏

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