Newborn niece. Toddler nephew.

14.07.2019 Sunday at 14.38pm, came the arrival of 9th grandkid into my Chew Family! 😍

Earlier in the morning, my pregnant sis who was in her 37 weeks, complained of pain. She sent a text to the family groupchat that she needed to go hospital soon. Her 18th month old son needed be sent over to my parents house to be taken care for time being.

When they arrived, her hubby requested for one last photo taking of family of 3. My sis was crying in pain then. Poor her. 😅

My sis is a very power strong woman. She and her hubby solely take care their 18 month old son since he was born. Both couple work, while they place my nephew at infant care. My sis would be the one to rush to fetch her son after work most of the time, as her hubby is a high rank officer at airforce, holding high work responsibilites. She is very understanding wife and a very 24hour mother. Even though she got pregnant again very fast, she still put in efforts to handle her baby son solely by herself.

After knowing her second baby was delivered smoothly, we headed to hospital in the evening for visit.

Welcome to this world, my little cute niece! ❤

My sis and niece are both looking great! Well done to the Mummy 👍 and thanks for the contributions to the Daddy 🤭 Parenthood for life!

My sis would have to stay in hospital for 3 days. As such, she entrusted her 18mth old son to my parents care till she gets discharged from hospital, where her confinement lady would have arrived to help her out by then.

My mum is a housewife and she helps my youngest sis (single working mum) to take care her 7 year old son (in Pri 1). She is abit rusty on handling toddler by herself. My papa still needs to work.

And so my youngest sis offered to take leave the next day to take care the 18 month old nephew.

I didnt have much leave left but I felt the importance to give my 2 young sisters support and help. They have always been by my side through my ups and downs. I also want do the same for them as much as I can. And so I took the courage to text my boss and told her my situation. My boss is a very understanding kind soul. She offered me flexi work home leave and asked me try out if I could manage about it. I agreed and much thankful to her. 🙏

A day with the Toddler

Before sending my 2 younger kids to school, I decided to have a quick breakfast with them at market (usually they have breakfast at school). Thats Zenith and Dyllis… my boy and girl. ❤

After kids went school, I headed to my parents house for him. My lil nephew wasnt close to me, as we only see each other during most weekends.

I admit I have lost touch on how to fully take good care of a toddler. 🤭

My papa gave my lil nephew a bath before he headed out to work. My mum said she had to go market. Seeing that staying at home sounded boring, I decided to bring my lil nephew out for a walk.

I had no idea where to go for a walk frankly. My papa said since my lil nephew just bathed, my papa didnt like the idea if I would to bring him to run around playground (sweats and being dirty was an obvious no no. 🙄)

My lil nephew always likes to see bus and speak the word “Bus!” So it got me the idea to head to bus stop. I still didnt know where to go or what bus to take.

Then came the bus 157. Fine, I told myself, board the bus and thats it – to head to jurong point. 🤣

My lil nephew was full of joy and cute expression while in the bus. He didnt try to stand up or move around his seat. He sat obediently at his seat while watching the passing views from the bus windows. 👍

When we reached Jurong Point, it was only like 9am. Most shops were not opened. I let him roam around the mall since there were not much people walking.

See the way he walks… so carefree so relax. Thats what I love kids about. No worries, no drama, just being pure and kind.

Worried he might be hungry, after his milk fed at 8am, we headed to CoffeeBean. He sat patiently on the baby chair while I went to order food. We were happy with each other, I guess. Haha! While eating, I managed to access and reply some office emails on my hp. 🤣

He is just such a cutie 😍

Seeing that it was almost 10am which should be his napping time, we went to board the bus back home. But he didnt want sleep. And so we played some toys. I on my laptop to do some work while he played the toys and “disturbed” me at times.

At 11.30am, I switched on baby songs on TV while feeding him porridge for his lunch. He finished the food in half hour, which amazed me. I recalled how much time I had to spend to feed my 3 kids when they were his age… at least an hour 😅

He started yawning and rubbing his eyes. Ok its a sign – napping time. So I put him to sleep and within 15 min, he was snoring like 🐽. LOL. While having this free time, I managed to do some work again. NICE.

He woke up at 2pm. Guess he didnt really sleep well coz there were sounds of construction works going on next door. So we sat down for some toys and book reading. 2.30pm was his milk fed.

I had asked my son to come my parents house after his school 1st. And so when both my son and my another 7 year old nephew reached home, my lil nephew was so excited to see them. He kept jumping around, ran around the house in joy and even hugged the 2 elder cousins. Haha! So cute, so heartwarming. He totally melts my heart with his gestures and act of love for others.

Soon, my papa returned home from his work. Well upon seeing his most favourite person, my lil nephew rushed to hug him and wanted my papa carry. Haha!

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