Movie Date – Spiderman

Bonding time with kids. 😍

Our date today – catch Spiderman who’s far away from home!

Their outfits for our movie date. I super like 🤟 – dreamer, painter, confident.

Dreamer: that young girl who put smile through my dreams

Painter: that teen babe who paints my life with colours

Confident: that charming boy who gives me confidence to live

And so off we went to West Mall Cathay, where we booked Elite seats online. Pretty amazed that the cinema was filled with crowd. Mostly were students and families with kids. Guess all Spiderman fans 😎.

This was what we did while waiting for the show to start – some selfies

Hotdog buns, popcorns and coke are never a miss for my kids.

Review for Spiderman: 2hr 10min duration. Lots of actions and comedy parts. Kids enjoyed! I enjoyed! Worth watching!

Story was about Peter Parker going on a summer vacation with his classmates around Europe. But in between he had to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that had been causing natural disasters and destruction around the continent. Peter Parker had wanted to take the vacation chance to reveal his feelings for a girl but he didnt have the courage to. But the girl had been observing him for long, each time Peter suddenly disappeared from the group to assist in destroying the creatures. She suspected Peter was the Spiderman and later Peter admitted. Happy ending was, they got together finally! ❤

PS: Usually, my youngest daughter would fall asleep during movies but this time, she was wide awake throughout the show. Caught her laughing on all comedy parts. Im happy coz she enjoyed it truly. Haha.

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