Call me Mother.

“Mother”. You only get to be called by your kids with that.

There is no way that “Mother” would have appear as your name on your identity card or when filling up forms, etc. There is no way that you get to select “Mother” from list of occupations; maybe you could try select others and put “Mother”. 😅

My kids are now 13, 11 and 10. How times flies.

I love to hear them call me “Mummy”.

I love to see from their whatsapp text starting with the word “Mummy” whenever they text me. And to end with “love u”. 😍

It just gives me sense of security, that they acknowledge and respect me as their mother. Mothers and their children are blood related for life. But not all children still remember the importance to greet their mothers, or as they grow up to form own family, they tend to forget about their own mothers.

I dont know down the road, in future, what will happen to my relationship with my kids. But I know for now, important is I fufill my duties as a mother to them and I will do so, as long as Im alive, for life.

I love to take photos of my kids, whenever I can. Why? Because photos are the best memories when we all grow old.

My eldest daughter told me she loves whipped cream. I will remember that.

Shes pretty.

My son loves games and hes good at it. Any types of games. Easy to remember.

He got a big head.

My youngest daughter loves outdoor fun. If I see playground, water, she comes into my mind.

She has a charming smile.

Im not a perfect mother. I have alot of flaws. Teaching my kids how to be a sensible good child isnt my expertise.

But they teach me how to be a mother to them. To care, to understand, to love, to give, to be patient. Its not difficult. They dont demand for best stuff nor best life. But they show me how to make them happy in simple ways. To be their best friend, to give them own space to grow and think, to spend quality time with them, to be there for them whenever they need help, to love them every single second.

Whether educated or not educated, we can only fully understand the meaning of certain words when we put them to practise in real life.🤟

Im not a good cook. Im lazy. Most weekdays my kids have to eat outside food. Only on weekends, they get to eat homecooked food from my mother.

If I would to cook on certain weekends, I always go for simple cooking, that allows me to prepare and cook within short time and easy to clean up kitchen after that. 🙊 Though simple, my kids alway tell me they love my cooking. 🤗

Breakfast – Eggs, ham, cheese, bacon, butter, bread.

My specialty – Ba Kua Teh, prime ribs, mushroom, meatballs, vege all in one soup. Likes to get my girls involved in the cooking. ✌

Using HDL tomato soupbase, with steamboat ingredients, cook with udon. All in one bowl for lunch.

Somtimes, simple fried rice 😍

Life is actually a simple affair. Its human who always complicate things.

Over the years, my kids teach me how to stay cool, stay calm in bad situations. Theres always a solution for every problem, its just how you choose to deal with it.

Today, Im a proud mother with my 3 wonderful kids.

I wish all the mothers in the world, to stay happy for yourself, for your kids. 🙏

Have a Good day ahead.

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