Clip n climb @ Tampines Hub

Brought the kids to Clip and Climb located at Tampines Hub, level 3, HomeTeamNS on 14th Jun 2019 in the morning.

The rock climbing activity suits both adults and kids and every session duration is 1hr30min.

Before we proceed to play, the instructors conduct a 10 min briefing on safety rules and demo.

There are many different types of climbs for indivduals to try at same time. Most of times, my kids could reach to the top. Bravo! Salute!

The kids really show me they are so much stronger, tougher, braver and cleverer than me sia ~♡

They got great sportsmanship too!

I had a climb to top but got afraid to let go my hands to allow the safety rope “release” me down the ground. Im actually scared of heights. 😱

Hands already shaking while holding onto the blocks, I was sweating like hell and actually stayed at that position for almost 5 min. 😅

Kids were down there cheering me on, shouting to me “Mummy, just let go your hands, dont be afraid!”

Haha! Finally I let go and dropped nicely to the ground. Thanks to them for giving me the courage. 🙏

Fun, awesome day out with awesome kids.

A big thanks to my sis 素銀 for the climb treat! 😘

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