Neglience acts by others

[Sharing unpleasant incident and thoughts]

Incident place: IMM
Date: 08 Jun 2019
Time: 3pm
Involved: My youngest sis + a couple with 2 kids & 2 relatives

I was on phone call while my sis was leaning against the railing near the escalator at Level 2. She was facing the escalator using her hp, while waiting for me.

Suddenly I heard a loud THUD sound. I turned around to see my sis in a shock reaction, looking down to ground floor while saying “OMG my hp!”
I followed after her as she rushed down the escalator to ground floor.

There was a broken water bottle lying beside my sis hp. My sis hp was covered with water. My sis picked up her hp and was busy examining the damages and functionality, when there was an old man who scolded her “your water bottle and hp nearly hit me you know!”

I hung up my call and asked what happened. My sis said a water bottle dropped from Level 3 escalator and hit onto her hand, causing her to release her hp and resulted in falling down ground floor. I asked where is the owner of the water bottle. She said they left after picking up their water bottle. I asked if they are aware about her damaged hp. She said no, they just walked away.

I pulled my sis to show me where they have gone and we gave chaser. We walked till the breadshop where my sis pointed out a couple, with 2 kids and 2 more adults beside them. (I guess a granny + a maid). They were queuing up to buy drinks.

I walked up to the couple.

Me: “Halo, just now you dropped your water bottle from level 3 to ground floor right?”

The man: “Yes?”

Me: “My sis was at level 2 near the escalator. Your water bottle fell and hit my sis hand, causing her to release her hp and dropped to ground floor. Now the hp is damaged and filled with your water. And you just walked away???”

The man: “I didnt know my water bottle hit your sis hand and cause the hp dropped”

Me: ” ok now Im telling you. When you went to pick your water bottle, didnt you see my sis also rushed to pick up her hp at same time? And hp was covered with your water”

The man: “Yes I did see her pick up her hp. But I didnt think much. Your sis also didnt tell me on the spot what”

Me: “normal reaction is people would first go pick up their hp and check if still workable anot, instead of immediately confront you. And you walked away too fast bah. You didnt even bother check if your bottle had hit anyone or anything?”

The wife: ” We already said we dunno. And its just an accident. What do you want then?”

Woah, what do I want? The wife has every accent and dressings of MIC.

Me: ” Now I tell you the incident already. Your not even a word of Sorry!?”

The wife: ” you want sorry hah, then Sorry lor”

Me: ” I want you compensate for my sis hp and medical for hitting her hand”

The man: ” I wont compensate you. You want a sorry and so I say sorry already. I dont even know if you telling the truth in 1st place anot. My water bottle dropped down to ground floor from open area. How can it hit your sis hand at level 2, unless you telling me your sis hand was out of the railing that she was leaning against, while using her hp? I can only think like this. And if so, its your sis fault and not my fault”

Me: “My sis hand was never out of the railing. Your water bottle is full of water and the length is long. You dont expect your bottle will fall so nicely vertically from level 3 down to ground floor. And Im telling you if my sis wasnt standing at level 2 railing there, it would hit the railing still. And may I ask in the first place, why was your water bottle out of the escalator?! If your kid didnt carry properly, the most it should fall down the escalator in front of you.”

The wife: ” Already tell you its an accident. What you want now? We wont compensate you thats it.”

Fine, we went to find the building management.

The man related his story to the security officer. When came to my sis turn, the wife interrupted and wanted to correct my sis while my sis was giving her story.

Me: ” Can you just shut up and let my sis talk?”

The wife: “Oh so you can talk just now, I cannot talk”

PCB that was the longest killing stare I ever looked at a stranger.
Talking and interrupting are 2 different meanings, if you need me to educate you, MIC woman.

The security officer: ” Our building management wont be involved. Its between you 2 parties to settle yourselves.”

The security office looked at me and said ” if you asking for compensation, you need go lodge a police report first. But you see, family priority 1st. Its just an accident”

The wife was laughing with arrogance.

Me: “Officer, yes its an accident. But it was such an dangerous neglience! The water bottle nearly hit an old man just now! Imagine if it really happened, what will you do? What family priority you talking about? Yes you see this couple with 2 kids and 2 more adults so you give them family priority, regardless of the dangerous neglience act they did. My sis and I also have kids! They are at level 3 children playground now. So are we considered family priority too?”

The man: “What you want? Already told you its an accident and you still want pursue what now?”

Me: ” Officer, we informed you about this incident, not because we badly want compensation. This couple show no sense of gulit and their apologises were not even sincere. You as security officer, what is your role? You do not only ensure terrorists attack or theft in this building. You also need to ensure people’s safety. If people litter in or vandalise your building, you either give them stern warning or in writing or you fine them. Now I see how you handle our situation, its not the way at all. You didnt even give them proper warning and lecture them what to take note and the dangerous neglience acts and what preventive measures. Like telling the kids not to play at escalators, parents not to let young kids hold heavy things that could result them to drop and caused harm or accident onto ownself or anyone! And now my sis hand is really hurt by the water bottle!”

The man: “Look, now im telling you, im truly sorry after hearing you. I really dont mean it to happen. I will take note and watch out my kids in future”

Me: ” I didnt want make things ugly in 1st place. But we just want you and your wife to know the possible consequences. And this is not funny. It is no joke. Please go home and educate your wife coz she could laugh on this!”

Im not trying to pin down the couple. If they had shown sincere remorse, my sis and I would let it go. They have kids, so do the rest of us.
Yes things didnt happen so seriously, noone is badly hurt or dead. But everyone should be responsible for their neglience acts.
The couple could think lightly of it because it never happen on them.
The old man could suffer heart attack or nearly got hit.
Thankful noone was really hurt πŸ™

(In memory: just like my lighter, im responsible for my neglience so it got confiscated. But was treated in a disrespectful way by the officer! πŸ˜ͺ)

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