Jurong Lake Garden

Though staying in the west for so many years, I guess I only went Jurong Lake Garden for less than 5 times and the last was like few years ago.

On Hari Raya day (05.06.2019) which was a PH, decided to bring the kids and folks take a walk around Jurong Lake Garden.

We reached the place around 12plus noon. Weather was very sunny, I guess temperature was about 33deg. 😅 Not a very good timing I guess but surprised to see it was still quite crowded.

Jurong Lake Garden had changed alot since my last visit. It look much prettier than before and equipped with new builts like resting chairs everywhere, water play activities, small water pool area for kids, fusion eating place and big children playground.

Found many families doing picnics by the lake as well as cycling, skating, small games activities among families could be seen as we walked along the lake.

Below were some photos taken. We enjoyed ourselves alot.

Its definitely worth the visit if you are searching for free family activities.

We stayed for like almost 3 hours before we headed home as we totally missed out the time for lunch! 😆


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