He. Narcissist

Today I received a text from him. He asked if we need a talk about our matrimonial flat at Fernvale.

Under our court order, I have to buy over his shares to transfer the flat ownership to my name. The price has to be agreed by both of us.

For past few months I had been running around ask HDB, agents and lawyers for advice. Selling the flat will be most realistic for me and kids.

3 months ago, I had offered to buy over his shares at given flat valuation of $540k, recommended by agent. But he screenshot a market value of $650k that was posted online. $650k is for higher levels. Our flat is only located at Level 9. I asked him to be realistic and reasonable. We both had to agree on a price before the transfer can be done. But texts exchanges between us went dead after that. Nothing was compromised.

2 months ago, he texted me ask if I had difficulty in buying over his shares, I could let him know. He is not in hurry. I told him $540k. Still, he didnt reply if he agreed. I stopped texting him because I knew his words always switched. He wasnt sincere in all his words he said.

3 days ago, he texted me. He claimed his car need go for inspection and he wanted to get back his car lights that was left in Segar storeroom. His existing car lights are modified and wont pass the inspection. I told him I had thrown away all his stuff when I did spring cleaning during this CNY.

He had left us for almost 2 years. I ever told him before in last year to take away all his stuff since we parted. He didnt bother. Whatever he left behind, I cleared away.

He started to flare when I told him I thrown away his things.

1. He asked what right do I have to throw away his things.

2. He said I knew he need the things but I chose to throw away all to destroy him.

3. He said now he wont be able to pass inspection, renew his road tax and continue to drive GRAB earn $.

4. He even said I am forcing him to go court with his NOA to ask to lower the children maintenance fees.

5. He said he is just an uneducated boar who knows nothing, when I told him Im incurring additional expenses on the kids to start tuition classes.

To you Mr Joe, my ex:

1. I asked you to clear your things since last year. But you just left them behind, at Segar (which is not your flat either), just like how you abandoned your kids behind. I gave you chance to take away your things but you didnt bother. I have every right to dispose them off because they are taking up all the space and my kids need the space more than your things do.

2. I do not know you need the things. Dont assume I know. If your things are so important to you, why do you take 2 years to come back ask for them? What you treat Segar flat as? Storage warehouse?

3. In the first place, why modify your car till not able to pass inspection? Why make yourself so problematic?

4. Now you blame me for throwing away your things. Now you angry, so you threaten to go court lower the children maintenance fees. πŸ‘ How the hell is the children maintenance fees linked to me throwing away your things in the first place?

You keep using your uneducated level as excuses not able to find full time job. Look around this world. There are many successful people without much education. There are good fathers without much education, still manage to raise up their kids and feed family. My own parents arent educated, but they know how to put me through studies and feed me. Your past jobs experience doesnt tied you down to only doing GRAB as full time job.

You know nothing except to say I am out to destroy you. If I am really out to destroy you, you should be expecting to see your real full name, your fb and ig link everywhere. FML. I havent even asked you to return the $ you owed my dad, your mum and I.

1 day ago, I texted him to ask him clean his room and move out Fernvale, so that I could properly get buyer to view flat and try fetch better price. And btw, he has not been paying the monthly HDB loan which was 50% 50%. He has not paid a single cent for the Fernvale utilities. He has not given any allowance to feed his 70 year old mum. But he has been staying there for almost 3 years. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

He told me he could move out anytime. He said I just need to inform him when. He said he will accept reasonable offer by me. I told him I last offered him that $540k. But since he not agreeable, he should get his own agent to quote a price. He asked why he need get agent himself? πŸ™„

So I informed him to move out now since he said he could move anytime once I let him know. Yet he asked me buy over first so that he would move out. FML. He is going round circles with his words.

And so today, he texted me ask if we need a talk. I was thinking talk about kids or house. So I replied him – about house?

Well, what he replied back totally amused me.

“Yes, of coz its about house. Im not into talking about us. We are already over. And I heard about you writing a blog and I dont know what your agenda is about. I never go read your blog coz Im not keen to. ”

I asked ” why out of blue mention about my blog or us? You say to talk about house. Dont be out of topic”

He continued ” Im telling you the consequences. The more you write or do, the 0 impact I feel. You writing blog just out to destroy me. But it wont work. Try harder. I still have some feelings for you coz you are my ex and our kids mum. So dont go overboard.”

Joke. If you said you have no feel, why even want to mention about my blog? You said you not keen to read my blog, so what makes you assumed my blog is all about you and out to destroy you? 1 minute you said you are not into talking about us. Another minute you said you still have some feelings. What talking you?

Get this clear. Everyone has own freedom to write personal blog. Noone is forced to go read into anyone’s blog. You do not control or stop me from writing my personal blog. Why do you have such thoughts that my blog is out to destroy you? Gulity conscience?

Till now, you still want control me and threaten me. I do not know who give you the idea that my blog is out to defame you. Sorry if you feel it that way. But I am just blogging about my painful and stupid past, how I overcome and what Im doing now. And they are all facts. 🀟

All these while, after your last “fly kite” with the kids in Apr19, you did not show concern about them at all. Not a single word of asking how they performed in their mid year exams, how they have been coping or whether they are still alive or not.

And now you started text me. But not a thing about kids. Its all about your own things, your own interests and yourself only. Even if you show no interests in knowing how our kids are, I still do my part to update you how they have performed in school and others.

I have commenced tuition for them and it is additional $1,200 monthly now. I didnt even ask more from you by varying children maintenance fees from Court. Yet you got the cheek to tell me you want ask Court to lower the fees of $1k monthly you paying now for 3 kids. πŸ‘

I just want us to settle the Fernvale flat in a proper and peaceful way. You say to put down past and move on. But you cant do it. You put your own hatred for your own doings onto me. Whenever you faced problems or not happy with your life, you take it out on me.

Be a Gentleman, be a man. Stop finding excuses and start to work on the right things. Our kids and your mum are your own blood and flesh. Yet you only have time for others not related to you at all. πŸ‘

One comment

  1. 1. No money to own a car, wife paid for it.
    2. No money to pay his monthly bills, wife paid for it(but he has money to modify his car).
    3. Kids needed some cash for school’s activities, blame Grab not making money(so should we notify Grab Singapore to look into this?).
    4. Have the guts to cheat then man it up.
    5. Playing the β€œwhole world is against me”game is a thing of the past, idiots like him seriously need to go check around, there are people who may not earn much, but they are able to put food on the table, because they live within means!
    6. He is on the extreme side of uncultured and unreasonable, therefore, no way you can get anything out of him, the fact that you’re able to sell the house, should be a blessing in disguise.
    7. He is reaching 40 in a few years time, what has he done that are considered productive to him and his career? Never mind, let’s blame karma, let’s blame education level, blame the society and lastly blame PAP πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    8. So it is ok to summarize your ex husband, that karma really works, which is on him now and it will continue until he stop finding ridiculous excuses to cover his lack of responsibilities and knowledge of how things work in this world, maybe start with Singapore first, since he uneducated πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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