Road to India – Day 2

Woke up at 5am, which was 7am SG timing. Had a good sleep but wasnt a 8hour sleep though 🤭. Decided to head to the hotel gym for some quick workout.

Last night dinner was not fully digested sia… feeling constipated 😆 The gym was small but the equipment were sufficient enough for me to workout. The equipment were looking in brand new condition 👍

Did a half hour workout, satisfated that I finally produced some sweat, I headed back room to rest and washed up. Headed to hotel cafe for breakfast at 8am.

Oh my, simply loved the food it served. I saw the banana which back in SG, I would make a point to consume almost every day and I was just so… happy! 😍

At 9.45am, the car arrived to pick me and my colleagues to our project site.

Safety 1st! Put on our helmet before we began walking around the site.

A great experience to see the work-in-progress at our Indian site.

First time I had to brave along those thin metal platforms in-between to walk to the other side and i was like “OMG I think I would fall” coz i am scared of heights.

The colleagues were all very friendly and helpful and looking after my safety. 🙏

I salute those workers and its really not easy doing construction work under a hot 40deg weather.

Toughness, courage, strength, looking out for one another was what I see in them.

Thank you for teaching me. 🙏

#kaerair #lovewhatiamdoing @ Elpro Mall

After 3 hours of site work, we settled for a quick lunch nearby.

Dont just see this piece of roti with nothing. Inside was filled with potatoes and vege. I couldnt finish as the portion was too much for me. But its nice and bit spicy which suited my taste!

And theres this mint lime drink, super refreshing.

After lunch, we headed to visit some existing customers at their offices for short catch up. They owned beautiful offices which caught me by surprise. Frankly, their offices are so much nicer than Singapore ones. 🤭👍

We finally ended our work purpose for this trip near to 7pm, which was 9pm in SG timing. We headed back to hotel drink lounge at Level 11 for a short chill.

There, at my window seat… I saw the sun view of India. It is so beautiful.

We ended our night with a great dinner at Little Italy Restaurant, which was about 15 min drive from the hotel. Food was awesome.

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