Road to India – Day 1

Landed at Mumbai airport at 10.45am, time in SG was 12.45pm. 5hours plus flight made me crave for smoke. As soon as I stepped out airport, I was trying find a smoking corner. I went up to ask an Indian guy who looked like the security. “No smoking allowed here” was what he replied. πŸ˜… okay… nvm, India must be a clean and green country, I told myself.

Our Indian colleague had arranged for car to pick me, my boss and colleague up from airport to our office in Pune.It was almost an 3hour car ride. Along the way, I saw its traffic, landscape, people and took some photos.

Mumbai is a very big state itself. The weather was about 36deg. You only get to see a decent building every few km. There were many vehicles on the road, and you could keep hearing their horning sounds. Their vehicle plates had at least 10 letters/numbers. I wonder how they could remember. πŸ˜…

There were roadside stalls along the “expressway” but not really sure what they were selling. Its definitely not foodstuff but I guess like vehicle repairs services as I saw a car stopped for its tyres checking.

We passed by 3 times of toll fees payment at counter. Woah, 3 times, compared to my experience in Malaysia of 1 time only. Tuk tuk vehicles were also commonly found in Pune, so alike Thailand.

Many bikes on the road and some even could be seen with 3 people riding 1 bike and mostly without helmets on. πŸ’ͺ

As we entered into the “city” area, we got caught in bad traffic jam. On my right side, I could see construction works ongoing.

On my left side, I saw another view. Residing/ shophouses areas for the people.

Finally we reached our Indian office. It was about 2.30pm, and 4.30pm timing in SG.Indian colleagues took us for a quick lunch at Doubletree hotel buffet. The bryani, nan, curries were nice. But I didnt ate alot as I was still in my SG timing, which was way past the lunchtime. 🀭

We went back office for meetings and discussion till 7pm. After which we headed back to Doubletree Hotel to do check in first. Indian colleagues then brought us to a nice dining resturant. We had our dinner at 8.45pm, which was almost 11pm in SG timing. Haha! I felt so sleepy while eating my dinner.

We finally returned back to our hotel room close to 11pm, which was 1am in SG timing. Needless to say, after washed up, replying texts to my kids and sisters, I fell into deep sleep…. Good Nitez. ❀

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