Preparing for road to India – the before

My 1st time to Mumbai/Pune, India on a 3D2N work purpose trip. 27 to 29 May 2019.

A week ago, told my family about it. Arrangement of settling my 3 kids were made.

The 2 younger ones would stay at my parents house, which was walking distance to their school. Im thankful that my parents were there to help me out in taking care them. 🙏

My eldest daughter would have travelling issues if she were to stay at my parents house, as her sec school was near to Segar house. Without much thinking, my youngest sis offered to come over my house for these days to take care my big girl. But it also meant that her own young son (they are staying with my parents) would not be able to see her for these days. It was a best ideal arrangement for my kids convenience and for my ease of worries. Im so thankful I got her, my youngest sis, who would go to such extend to help me out. 🙏

My number 3 sis, had already purchased online a alarm device for me, when she got to know i had intentions to need go India anytime months ago. She is such a sweet kind soul. She worried non stop about my safety as social media had kept posting about rape cases in India. 😅

The night before I travelled, my youngest sis came to stay at my Segar house. I received caring texts from ex mil, aunties, my sis and friends. All telling me be safe, protect myself, wear more clothes etc 😉 I just feel so blessed… so blessed 🙏

I was quite lazy to start packing my stuff for this India trip. I told myself to wake up earlier the next morning to do packing and set off.

My departure flight was 7.40am. Had arranged to meet colleague 6am at T3 Airport. I booked a confirmed hitch at 5.05am. And so I set my wake alarm at 4am…. but I overslept 🤣

My youngest sis shook me up at 5am. I jumped out of bed, realising I missed my wake alarm call. Oh shit, I started panicked. I texted the hitch driver to apologise I couldnt be ready at 5.05am. Asked if he could give me half hour but got cancelled. Im so sorry about my bad behaviour. Rushed to wash up, bathed and start packing. 3 tees, 1 pants, 1 sleeping attire, facial stuff… thats it. I left house at 5.30am.

Got a grab at 5.40am. I thought I was gona be damn late. But surprisly, I still managed to reach T3 airport at 6.05am. 🤭🙏

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