Back from India – Day 3

Departure flight was 11.45am. I guess my body still could not adjust to the 2hours timing difference. Woke up at 4am, which was 6am in SG. After much struggle of not able to sleep, I decided to head to gym for workout to get some sweat. It was 5am when I reached the gym… darkness. Gym was open for 24 hours but the trainer would only start his work at 6am.

I had to rely on the lights coming from the track machine to find my way. 🤭 bit after running on the track for about 15 mins, the lights were all switched on. I guess the hotel staff detected I was in the gym. 👍services!

Headed back to hotel room after half hour workout to rest, bathed and packed my luggage. Checked out at 6.30am and went for quick breakfast. Car arrived at 7.15am to pick us up to airport. The journey to airport was another 3hrs car ride. Indian colleagues were very nice to give us each a box of mangoes as appreciation of our stay. Their king of fruit! So sweet of them.

However, when I reached the Mumbai airport, something unpleasant happened on me.

[Sharing my experience]
Please note Im not against any human, any race, any country.

It happened at Mumbai airport custom clearance before I boarded my departure flight back Singapore.

My sling bag got stopped after being scanned through. The Indian custom officer asked me if there were any lighters in my sling bag. I said yes, as I am a smoker. My lighter was a cheapo windproof type (S$0.80).

He asked me to take it out. I took out and gave to him. I asked if carrying lighter into the flight was not allowed. He didnt answer me. He stared at me, took my lighter, threw hard onto the floor and kicked it away in front of me… and gave me a F look.

I got a shock. Then he asked me take away my sling bag and go. And he walked away. There were many other people behind me.

To you, Indian custom officer.
I greeted you Sir out of courtesy and I politely asked if lighters were not allowed into the flight. I am totally not aware because I had been carrying my lighter in my sling bag since throughout my journey from Singapore airport to Mumbai airport and back the same.

Yes, lighters are flammable items and I found a reason for you – that you worried for flight safety. Yes, Im ignorant. I didnt check for prohibited items not allowed in your airport. You can just politely answer me back. You can just confiscate my lighter and give me verbal warning, perhaps. You just need to talk to me, give me a lecture so I can take note and aware. You do not have to display such F action in front of me by treating my lighter like that and worst, its your F face look.

You are a custom officer, and so you are from Authority. But it doesnt give you right to display such manners to non authority human. Is it because Im a Chinese? Is it because Im a woman?

You are a human, whom your birth is given by a woman too. The F action and F look you displayed is as good as abusing your authority given.

Do and be reasonable, thats all I ask.

What made me more dulan is that there are smoking rooms built inside your airport. If you treat my lighter like that in front of me (which gave me impression you hate people who smoke), you please also ask your govt to tear down the smoking rooms in your airport. 🔥

R.I.P my windproof green lighter. I will miss you always, though you only served me for 4 days. 🙏

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