Your only limit is you

“Everyone has the same amount of time daily, dont let others used up your time”

I fell, I made mistakes, I’ve been hurt, I’m not perfect…


I rise, I live, I learn, I’m alive, I’m thankful.

1st May 2019 my birthday. As usual, a must to celebrate with my 3 precious ones. Went to Carousel for a hearty buffet lunch. The staff were so sweet to present me a lil cake for my birthday.

That night, received a surprise from my number 3 sis. Sunflowers. So sweet. Look like my 3 kids.

2nd May 2019 after home from work, received another surprise from my number 4 sis. Blue roses with starlights. Omg… I felt like in love.

5th May 2019, my best buddies threw a birthday dinner celebration for me at Aroy Mak Mookata.

10th May 2019, ex colleague came specially to lunch with me and simple birthday treat at AONE claypot house.

11th May 2019, received a surprise handmade card from my 3 kids. Oh my, I simply adore my 3 kids so much.

Same day that evening, got invited to join my ex mil and her relatives for Mother Day dinner celebration at Gu Ma Jia restaurant. My 3 kids self made mother day cards for each mummy. So sweet.

12th May 2019, celebrated my mom’s birthday cum Mother Day together at home. All my sisters are Mothers now. How time flies.

May is a good fufiling month for me so far. Hope everyone shares the same joy too!

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