Never trust a liar…

On the final hearing day, I received a whatsapp text notification.

Cindy had created a groupchat and added me in. Joe was in the groupchat. Groupchat subject “Joe’s game”.

“Joe, your wife is very good to you. Stop hurt her and stop come disturb me. I dont want play your games anymore” that was her starting text.

I was working in the morning before taking half day leave to attend Court. The groupchat came so sudden that I began to feel affected as I read on.

“Im sorry I did wrong to both of you. Since we are all on this, I would leave both of you and you can move on with your life” was Joe reply.

“I walked away long enough. Now I totally lost everything. Vivian, you can have the house if you want. Take it as my compensation to you and kids. Im sorry for what I have done and hurt you” he continued.

“Joe, I think you should stop your games and stop your shit”. Cindy replied.

“Ms Cheng, I think you can talk properly here” Joe replied.

Joe then changed the groupchat subject to “Come clean session”.

It seemed both of them had a big quarrel and Cindy decided to rope me into it. I didnt reply at all but I just stared at my hp, watching two of them filling up the groupchat texts.

Cindy then screenshot an email between her and Joe.

Joe wrote an email to Cindy. “I told you 360 app was not working. And you kept calling me non stop when Im driving. Who do you think you are? You said you got trust issues with me and so I allow you install 360 tracker on my hp to track my location. But it doesnt give you fucking right to control me. We already agreed what we both need to do and you better keep the things as it is for now. Otherwise, I really dont mind shame you for your acts”

“You wana play? I also have yours to show,” Cindy emailed back to Joe.

“Now you know why that day I was at Segar and she texted you. Coz she installed 360 tracker on my hp. She broke up with me and so I tried to come back to you. But you refused to give me another chance. Then at night, she called me again, saying she drunk. Ask me go find her. So I went back to her lor” Joe texted to me.

That very moment, I broke down. It hurt. The texts between both of them hurted me deeply. We are already divorced. And there were more unspoken truth to be revealed between them now.

I didnt leave the groupchat. I was in blank. They stopped texting.

“I thought all along you two claimed you were good friends only?” I texted. I just want to continue them to talk to find out whole truth.

Cindy then screenshot another email to me. She wrote to Joe ” sorry im not an understanding gf. Even when you said you just want meet your kids, I also had fears that you would go back to your wife instead. I feared alot of things and I realised I cannot be as understanding anymore as I thought I could. It would be better for us to break up now as I cannot take it anymore.”

After showing me, she deleted the screenshots.

“So, Joe didnt come back for kids… coz of you? You mind about him seeing his own kids coz you feared he would come back to me? Why are you such a selfish woman?” I asked angrily.

“Sorry its my fault. I loved too many” was Joe’s reply.

I went for the hearing. He didnt appear. The judge was interviewing me and asking me some questions. After which, she told me to wait outside while she settled for a final judgement. It was past 30 min. Then he appeared… as when I thought he wouldnt turn up after the morning groupchat confession.

The judge then called both of us into the room. She asked him why he was so late. He claimed he already reached but didnt know which level the hearing was held. Judge continued asked him why he didnt turn up for 2nd affidavit hearing previously. He said he had to work and he had no money do submission. Judge told him that she initially wanted grant the house to me and asked if he agreed. He said no. He asked for a chance to file his written submission. Judge granted him. He was given 3 weeks to file his written submission and our final hearing would be on 21 Dec 2018.

Questions came into my mind non stop. He said he would give me the house as compensation for kids in the groupchat. He said how sorry he was and he knew he hurted me badly… but now… he objected to giving me the house in front of Judge.

What kind of man is he… really?

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