A selfish father

21 Dec 2018 was up. Final judgement was passed. Coz he objected to giving the house to me and kids, judge allowed me to buy over his awarded share of 32% and transfer ownership to me. We both need to appoint a valuer to value the house and agreed on the valuation price 1st.

We got joint custody of kids as judge mentioned it was for kids best interests. I got the sole care and control of kids. He was allowed to visit kids every Wednesday and weekends.

“Lucky you didnt get the whole house for free” he laughed at me.

My eldest daughter got her PSLE results a week ago at 204. I was so proud of her. Regardless the drama scenes and father abandoning them, my eldest daughter still could achieve a fair results, which really was a blessing. She is a strong girl. 🙏

When she got the posted secondary school results, she wasnt keen to get into that school. She wanted me help her apply transfer to her desired school (but she didnt put into her 6 choices). 😪

I took leave and went down to fill up the transfer application form. They told me waiting time would be a week. And they saw I put divorce but joint custody.

“You need to get her father come down sign the agreed transfer form once its confirmed” I nodded.

I texted him that day about this to get him prepared. He said ok.

On 26th Dec 2018 in the morning, the school called me, saying there was a vacancy and my daughter has been accepted for the transfer. They asked if I could go down in the afternoon to sign the paperwork and get the textbooks uniforms same time.

I texted him again, telling him if 3pm would be ok to be at that school. He said he let me know again. At 12plus, he texted me, asked me to transfer back the parenthood rebate to him for his income tax deductions. I was puzzled.

I told him since divorced, parenthood rebate granted by govt would be 50% 50% to each party. In the past, he had already used quite a sum every year to offset his income tax. I didnt use the rebate as I had working mother reliefs to offset. He told me to transfer all the parenthood rebate balance (which included my share) to him or he would file civil case against me.

Not again. Threatens by him again. I told him “Ask IRAS send me letter to instruct me give you all the parenthood rebate then, if that is what you think you should take all, including my share”

He said he had no time to go IRAS ask them send me letter. He wanted me transfer the rebate to him now.

I asked him “3pm later at the school to do Dion school transfer paperwork. Can you confirm you are coming?”

He didnt reply me on this. He still asked me about the parenthood rebate.

I reached the school at 3pm, with my daughter. I texted him again, asking if he was coming.

“Im at IRAS now, waiting to tell them to send you letter. Im very busy. Why dont you bring the school transfer form to IRAS let me sign instead” came his reply.

FML. What the fuck he saying? I gave up texting him. I told the principal that he was not coming. I signed an undertaking letter to confirm that any further responsibilities on the transfer decision would be made solely by me.

My daughter and I then proceeded to buy the textbooks and uniforms. Then we took GRAB home. I looked at my daughter, held her hand and told her I was sorry that he didnt turn up.

“Its ok mummy. You did the transfer for me. I got into the school. Thank you.”

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