Unexpected moment

Another month was up for the court session on our 2nd Affidavit of Assets and Means. He didnt turn up. Judge asked me if I knew where he was. “No, I dont know” I replied.

Judge then told me that we shall proceed with final hearing. But before then, I need to write up a written submission as a summary to Court 1st. She gave me a month deadline to submit. And final hearing would be 2 weeks after that. She said he would be notified too of the final hearing.

A week later, my youngest daughter was badly sick. Vomitted and fever. We were at clinic waiting for doctor consultation when I suddenly received his text. He asked about the kids. So I told him. He said he would drop by to see her after he done his driving.

Shortly later, he asked if wana lunch together. So we waited him at the nearby house kopitiam for lunch. My daughter had no appetite. Shortly after, I wanted bring her go back home rest. He followed us up the flat. He asked if he could go into the flat. I nodded head.

After my daughter fell asleep, he asked if I could let him rest on bed a while before he go for his driving. I agreed.

Soon, he fell asleep too. I took out my laptop to do my work. An hour later, about 3.30pm, I received a text… from Cindy.

“Your husband owes me $9K. Since he has come back to you, you will settle his debts. If not I will tell my father” was what she texted.

I got stunned for long. What she mean? Why she knew he was at my place? Who is her father? Loanshark?

I hesitated long before I replied her. “What do you mean? Who is your father?”

She asked me again if I wanted to help him pay the $9K back to her. I told her, we were no longer husband and wife. Not I owed her, why she asked me settle? Why she wanted lend him so much $?

She told me coz of stupidity. She said she was not his whoever, dont know why he keep asking her pay debts for him.

2 months ago, she told me he owed her $3k + a hp. Now became $9k. I thought all along, he had been driving day and night. Everytime he failed to turn up bring kids out as promised was coz he claimed he needed drive earn money.

I told Cindy “If you choose to lend him money, you should know he wont be able to return you so fast and in one shot right? You wanted help him, then why now so anxious to get back the $9k and even mention to tell your father? Didnt he tell you how he will repay you the $9K before you decided to lend him?”

“Ya, he did tell me how he would repay me. I am just asking if you want settle for him instead” she texted.

I never replied anymore. Obviously, I knew why she wanted text me. Just to make sure we were officially divorced and over, and to make me mad.

After he woke up, I showed him what his gf texted me. He told me just ignored her, he would settle himself.

Before he left, he gave me a hug. He asked me take good care the kids and he left.

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