28 July 2018

It was my eldest daughter 12th birthday, 28th July 2018.

He texted to ask to celebrate her birthday. I told him I already booked buffet reservation at Orchard Central the day before. I could call the restaurant to ask add in 1 more seat.

I told him 12pm at Orchard Central. He asked me how much was the buffet per pax? I said I not sure. Maybe $30 or $40 or $50. He said he had no money. I told him at least to pay his own share.

I brought the kids, his mom and sis to the restaurant to start buffet first at 12pm. He said he would be late as he needed go drive earn some money.

Fine. I said. I thought he still had heart to spend time with the kids that day.

He only reached at 1pm. And he didnt buy any birthday gift for my daughter. He ate fast and ate alot. The buffet was till 2.30pm only. I settled the payment first. He came over and told me he only got $30. I just took it.

Since we were at Orchard, kids decided to go Bounce play. He told us he couldnt join us for rest of the day anymore. He said he needed make use the time to go drive earn money.

My kids never voiced out anything. He left.

I asked myself. After so long of not seeing the kids, wont he want to make use this day’s chance to spend time with them as a father?

I admitted I really dont feel good inside my heart, seeing the way he treated the kids. It was my eldest daughter birthday! He already disappointed her last year by not even coming home to celebrate.

But luckily, my kids especially my eldest daughter were still full of smiles that day. 🙏

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