They say “time tells the story”

A month time was up. We met at the Court Session to exchange our correspondence replies on the Affidavit. We would need to go back Court in another month’s time to let Judge know if we were ready for final hearing on the Assets and Means.

I went home read through what he responded.

He said he never cheated. The photos of him and Cindy that I submitted during divorce was edited. They had went out in a group but I chose to only put up photos of 2 of them.

He said his emails had been hacked. The emails wrote to Cindy was not by him but by me. He said I wanted frame him.

He said he has been paying his own hp bills, which was the current line he using now. He said the line I claimed I had been paying was under my name and he didnt use it at all. He said I framed him.

He said Im not mentally stable and always making things difficult for him.

He said in order to run away from me, he had to leave home, quit his last job and resorted to drive GRAB.

He said he run into debts coz of me. He said he could not afford to pay the children maintenance but I forced him to.

He said he wanted sell our flat so he could pay off his debts and then only can afford to contribute to children maintenance.

He said he is a low educated person and I look down on him. I controlled his life till he couldnt breathe.

He said I kept stop him from seeing the kids or bringing them out.

He said Im a pretender by taking care and giving his mother allowance in order for her to side with me.

He said he never borrowed any money from me nor his mother nor my father. He said I told nothing but lies.

Was this guy once my husband that I had sticked through thick and thin with him for past 12 years?

Was this guy once the man I knew who told me he wanted settle down and have a family with me?

Why the texts and words he said to me different so much from his Affidavit?


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