A sad mom

15th June 2018 was his mom’s birthday. He didnt return home the previous night. On the day itself, I brought his mom, his sis and my 3 kids out to celebrate her birthday. When his mom went out of house at 11am, he still wasnt back home.

We went to Vivo eat a hearty lunch and had cake session. Took a walk around Vivo City. My 3 kids made a birthday card for their granny. So sweet of them.

At 4plus, he sent a text to his mom. “Sorry Ma, happy birthday.”

I know she was sad inside her heart. Her own son did not bother return home or suggested to bring her out for birthday celebration. She didnt reply him.

When she reached home in the evening, she texted me that he hasnt come home. I guess she felt badly disappointed and hurt. That night, she cried.

The next day, one friend told me he saw Joe and Cindy hanging out at F Club 2 nights ago. That was the night he never returned home. Guess he enjoyed and got too drunk to wake up next day to return home for his mom.

He wasnt so unfilial in the past. He would every year spent time with his mom on her birthday. He would at least still concern about her health and check ups in the past.

He wasnt into so much drinking in the past. He had been seen drinking outside many times. There was once he was seen by cousin holding hands with Cindy at carpark heading to Clarke Quay and it was during our marriage time. Cousin only brought this up after he knew we were divorced.

Whenever he got return home at night, his mom always smelt strong drinking smell from him.

Sometimes, I asked myself.

Was this the real him, taking off his mask finally? Or what?

Why would his changes be so drastic?

Did he know he has hurt his own 3 kids and his beloved mom deeply?

Why he could just forsake his own 3 kids and his beloved mom like that?

How did he really feel about what he has done? Happy? Sad? Nothing?

Sometimes, somehow, I wished all that happened was just a dream.

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