This might be a common sky scenery your will see most days.
But I havent had a chance to really see this sky view for long.
Morning will reach office before sky brights up. End of work will be in train and reach home almost dark.
This was taken on my birthday 01.05.2019.

I was in GRAB car using my hp when the kind old uncle suddenly asked me.

“Do you like beautiful things?”

Yes, I replied. He asked me look up.

And I was watching this view.

“Isnt it beautiful? The sky. The clouds.”

Yes, I replied.

He gave me very kind words.

“When you are troubled, look up the sky. It brings you peace and comfort”

I said I didnt have chance to see everyday.
He told me to take this photo and keep for memory.

Today Im feeling down, because of some sad news.

And his words rang into my mind.

This photo, gives me some comfort indeed. 🙏

Thank you, uncle.

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