I found back the meaning of my life

We met at the Court for the session on Affidavit of Assets and Means. Judge ordered us to exchange our documents with each other for review.

Court gave us another month to read through each other’s Affidavit of Assets and Means and we could file for correspondence replies if we object to what the other party had stated in his/her documents.

I read through his Affidavit. He let me have the sole custody of kids. He wanted sell the flat and get his fair share 40%. He said he had owed debts of $30k and it was all used for family purposes. He said he had been taking care of his mum and his sis. He said he had been taking care the family expenses.

I took the one month to reply on his Affidavit.

During this time, I continued to work hard and take care kids on my own. Once a week, I meet friends go gym to workout. Joanna would teach me how to doll myself up. I never knew how to makeup before. She would teach me patiently. I feel her true friendship love for me. She gave me the attention and love that I had wished he had given me.

Ryan and Joanna would bring me eat good durians located at BLK 682 Hougang Ave 8. They wanted me bulk back to healthy weight.

Ryan opened a beef noodles stall at Vivo Food Republic.

My family especially my sisters were alway making me and kids feel so loved and blissful.

My mil was always there for me and kids.

Not forgetting my supportive and understanding bosses and colleagues.

I met Sharon through Joanna along the way and she became my best gf too.

And of course, weekends adventures with my kids. Falling in love over and over again with my kids is the best thing that ever happen on me.

I finally found myself. I found back the true meaning of my life, after 12 years of marriage. Work-Life-Family-Kids-Balance.

I felt like a bird finally get free. I felt independent. I felt myself worthy to live in this world. I felt less burden….

I see more smiles from my kids. They are my everything.

If I know what love is, it is because of u”

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