He doesnt know what is LOVE

It was my birthday, 1st May 2018. That day, my sister surprised me by delivering cake to Segar.My kids were so sweet. They made birthday cards for me.I brought the kids to eat happy food and went movies and played at Bounce. My eldest daughter was so happy that she put on her whatsapp status.

He texted me that night. “Happy Birthday to you. Sorry I brought pain to you”. I didnt reply… but suddenly… I cried. I had not been crying for a while.

Few days later, he texted me again “I miss you. I realised I was a monster and woken up from a long nightmare. I went to your fb and saw your posts. I miss our old times. I realised all along what you have been trying to tell me. It was my foolishess. I love you”. I didnt reply.

Then he texted me again said he had been threatened. I felt something wrong. I asked him to further explain what he mean. He didnt explain his definition of being threaten and by who. He just told me he needed time to clear his shit. He asked me to trust him and give him the chance again.

I called Cindy, only to realise she was in BKK. I told Cindy, if she really loved Joe, then helped him. Dont keep encourage him to spend money enjoying and drinking, if he still claimed to date he never manage to pay away part of his $30K debts. Cindy said when they went out, she paid her own portion. She didnt ask Joe to pay hers. I said “look. Be it you pay your own share, he is still anyhow spending money, instead of using the money to clear his debts. His main issue is his debts that he has kept mentioning to me and using it as reason not to be a good father” she went silent on the phone. I hanged up the call after that.

Next day, she texted me. “We had a big quarrel and he smashed my hp. He owed me $3k + a hp.” I asked why quarrel. She said coz she was going to BKK find her bf and he was angry.

I realised I was treated as a second opinion again for him to find me sweettalk when Cindy is not in SG.

“Im just a woman. With 3 kids. If you think I dont deserve your true love, leave me alone. Dont keep come stir my feelings and emotions. Let me move on in peace”

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