The Devil and the Angels

He received the divorce documents in a week. He got angry. He came back to Segar and questioned me. My kids were in school then.

“Enough” I said. “Im mentally tired. Im in very great pain. Im badly damaged by your doings. Let me off please” I begged him.

“Fine, you want divorce, can. I want sell our Fernvale flat. I need the money to clear my debts. I do not agree that you want keep the house. Change your terms now and I agree to divorce” he shouted at me.

I wanted keep the house for the kids. I told him if he doesnt agree to my terms stated in the documents, he could just reply his objections, as instructed on the divorce document. He said he had no time to go down my lawyer office to do objection or replies. He wanted me call my lawyer on the spot and tell him to change.

I said no. “You want object, you follow the procedure accordingly by replying back to my lawyer” I stood firm on my words.

Next thing was, he went to kitchen and took out a knife and stabbed on the table. He told me if I refused to change the terms, he would kill me on the spot.

I took out my hp, wanted call police. He took my hp and smashed on the floor. Next thing was, he took the knife and stabbed on my broken hp few times.

“Change or no change???” He screamed at me. I cried. “Kill me then. I had no meaning to live anymore anyway. I was supposed to be dead long ago, when you cheated on me”

We both sat at the same place for sometime. I was still crying badly while he kept staring me and holding the knife. After an hour or so, he decided to leave the flat. I quickly took out my daughter hp and contacted Joanna.

I filed for personal protection order and changed the Segar house lock.

My divorce session was scheduled on 14 Feb 2018. He was given 3 months to do objections.

Meantime, Ryan, Danny and Joanna were by my side most of time. They brought me, my kids and mil for chanting sessions. Chant for peace. Chant for good benefits for family. Mil from time to time would contact and visit me to check me and kids were in good condition. I still attend mil and her relatives gathering. The aunties were very supportive of me and kids. My dad, my mom and sisters would keep ensure I brought kids home on every weekend. They would engage with my kids, played with them and they constantly lookout for my health and mental condition. My bosses and colleagues were very supportive and understanding too.

Time to time, I faced financial difficulties due to the legal fees and returning debts. Ah Pig, my long time good friend (which I didnt meet for long) offered to help me. My sisters also helped unconditionally. I returned them once I got my pay.

I come to realise, you only get to see who really stayed through by your side at your downtimes.

It was all these people. My angels.

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