Officially Divorced

We attended the divorce session on 14th Feb 2018. Judge told him since he didnt file for objections, we were considered divorced, which was Stage 1. Stage 2 would be on affidavit of assets and means.

He suddenly said he wanted object. He asked for extension. He gave reasons that he didnt know how to do objections as he was a low educated person. FML. Judge actually gave him 7 days to file the objections and submit to Court for consideration.

Out of court, I asked him what he wanted. Things between us had already turned damaged, why still delayed time to extend for objections? He still asked me for last chance to try out.

I went off. He texted me. I blocked his calls and whatsapp. In the evening, my daughter texted me. She said she received a text from him to forward to me.

“I only wanted peace but you refused to give me. You give me no peace, I will bring you and 3 kids down with me”

He was totally crazy. He could actually sent such text let my daughter see. Im beginning to get scared of him. What has happened of him?

He cheated, time and time again, giving me mental disorder. His repeated words of sorry doesnt mean nothing. My trust for him, time and time again, broke into pieces. Many times I could only remember his backview leaving the house. Leaving me suffering. I tried to keep myself surviving till now for the kids. I asked for divorce since he refused to sincerely make good for this family. Why? Why cant he just let me off? And now to my daughter?

I told my daughter to block him. I dont want my daughter get hurt or scared.

7 days was up. He didnt file his objections. We were officially divorced as deemed on 14th Feb 2018. Valentine Day, a unforgetable special day for me.

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