Lies and lies

He came back Segar after a couple days. I didnt talk to him. It was a Sunday. He looked tired and took a nap. He held his hp very close to him. My instincts told me he was waiting for someone’s call or text. Next thing I saw, a text popped out. “Wru?” The name was Darrrrr. I looked at the whatsapp photo of the person. It was Cindy.

His hp was locked with password. I did peek at him keying in his password previously. I tried keying in 3 times and succeeded.

I went to his hp photo gallery. Numbers of recent photos and videos of him and Cindy and her kids. I went to his whatsapp chat to read texts between him and Cindy.

FML. All along they have been together as gf bf relationship status. Those period when he came back to me was either Cindy flew to BKK for her MT GYM or both of them had quarrels.

I called Cindy. She said she did not know what I was talking about. She said she had a bf in BKK and she would not be with Joe. Then she hung up my call.

He woke up and realised what I have done. He also knew I called Cindy. Angrily, he left home.

I felt numb. I felt blank. I never confronted him or held him back anymore. I felt cold and empty.

I had forwarded their photos and videos to my hp. I was blank till midnight.

Suddenly, I spoke to myself, let the MT people know what they did to me.

I created a groupchat, copied the MT people contacts from SLT, added in Joe and Cindy and shared their photos and videos. “This is what Joe and Cindy have been doing behind me. Cindy, you told me you are just good friends with Joe. You said you would help me. But you have been together and enjoying with him behind my back. Joe, I will file for divorce now”

Next morning, Joe and Cindy kept calling me.

Joe told me he was sorry. He regretted. He didnt want divorce. He didnt expect things turned out so ugly. He asked me give chance. AGAIN.

Cindy told me she was sorry too. But she said it was Joe who kept on finding her. She was given no choice but to be with him. I asked her she knows MT, she cant be weak in front of Joe. She could also call police if she claimed it was Joe forcing her to be with him. She said she didnt know she could call police for help. FML. I told her she knew I have 3 kids. Why breakup my family by encouraging Joe to leave home? If she was sincere to let Joe come back to us, she could just blocked him from contact. Why could she just travel with Joe to overseas for holidays? Being forced, she still claimed. But the intimate photos and videos were most of her kissing Joe and hugging him.

She told me she promised she would not contact Joe again or let him find her again. If Joe finds her again, she would call me. She asked me not to alert her bf in BKK coz she did not want him worry.

I saluted both of them. For their lies.

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