For my children

I told mil, Ryan, Joanna and Danny what he did to me and kids.

They stood up for me. They talked to him. He refused to listen. Instead, he called me a crazy bitch, trying to spread rumors and give him no peace.

When I shared my pain with mil, she told me before she knew this, he had been borrowing money from her. Borrowed money to pay his car loan, pay his petrol etc. He told my mil he needed money to take care kids. He lied. He used the money to go enjoy with Cindy. He didnt feed the kids or send them to school at all.

Mil was sick. She asked him to bring her to doctor. He said he needed to drive GRAB earn money. He had no time to bring her. But on that day itself, Joanna saw him with Cindy at Orchard.

His own mother, the one who had went through hardship to raise him up. The one who kept supported him financially all the way till even when we were married with kids. The one who never asked him return a cent. The one who rather suffered in silence.

This is how he treats his mum now, after he was with Cindy. Mil cried every night, like me. She was hurt by how he treated her, me and the kids. She felt the kids so pitiful, having no father at such young age.

My youngest daughter, who was very close to him, started writing letters. She wrote letters to him, telling him to come home, telling him to stop drinking, telling him to stop spend money outside, telling him to stop quarrel with me and stop making me cry.

My kids didnt show out any saddness or grudges on their faces. But I know, I know deep inside their heart, they are hurt badly. They are my sensible, dearest kids I couldnt ask for more.

I started to teach my kids how to travel home back from school by train. They learnt fast. Very soon, they showed me how independent they were.

After a month, I went to find lawyer file for divorce. While waiting for divorce documents to be ready, I went to family justice court file for children maintenance.

He received the court letter to attend the meditation session in a week.

At the meditation session, the meditator asked him to propose a monthly children maintenance sum. He said he had no money. He said he had been jobless and he didnt earn alot from GRAB. He said he was in big debts, owing banks $30k. He said I had a stable high paying job, I should be affordable to feed the kids myself.

Under law, both parents have responsibility to contribute to kids living expenses, regardless who earn more or less. Unless you are permanently disabled, unable to work to provide for family.

He unwillingly proposed a $500 monthly for 3 kids. I said no. I showed out the monthly kids expenses I have been contributing. $3k per month for 3 kids. That was what I have been providing for. $3k didnt even include household expenses, parents n mil allowance and my own survival expenses. I asked for equal contribution, which was $1.5k monthly from him. He flatly rejected. The meditator asked us both go straight to court for Judge to make final decision since both of us were not willing to compromise.

We would need to submit evidence to show our monthly bank transactions and income earnings. When he heard this, he proposed $1k monthly. I accepted. The monthly $1k maintenance was effected from the following month onwards.

After a couple days, he texted me. He asked for a talk. He told me he could not afford to pay the $1k monthly maintenance sum at all. He told me he still cared about the kids and he wanted this family back. He kept saying sorry. He asked me to consider for the sake of kids.

Indeed, for sake of kids. I just wanted my kids have a complete family.

Next thing was, I gave in to his request of us together again, for sake of kids.

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