Empty promises

He didnt move back Segar to stay with us, though we were back together again.

He claimed Fernvale area had more chances of fetching better GRAB rates. He said he would still come to Segar every morning to send kids to school. He asked for this in exchange of not needing to give me monthly children maintance of $1k.

Previously sending kids to school myself via GRAB, would incur $12 per trip. It would not cost more than $400 per month.

I told him there was a need for him to move back Segar if he sincerely wanted kids to have a complete family. He told me he would then wait for his season parking at Fernvale to expire before he shifted back to Segar. Next thing I did was, I went to hdb website purchase online season parking for his car at Segar. I just wanted him do things right for kids. He agreed to move back Segar.

Seeing that he agreed to move back Segar and would send kids to school, I didnt demand him to pay the children maintenance.

I was foolish to think all would be back to good again. No.

He didnt brought back his clothes from Fernvale. Every 2 or 3 days at night, he would text me saying his last dropoff customer was at Sengkang area. He was too tired to come back to Segar and would stay at Fernvale to sleep. The next morning, he either overslept or uncontactable. I had to dealt with his irresponsible actions for a month.

When he was home, I massaged for him when he said he was tired. Bought a new queen sized mattress for him when he complained he couldnt sleep well on the old one. Bought a extra fan home just to let him use when he complained Segar flat was too hot.

He told me Fernvale flat was more suitable for him to rest well since there was aircon and better mattress. I tried to make him feel as comfortable as he could at Segar flat. He didnt have such complaints before when he was at Segar previously.

One Sunday, he said he needed go drive after eating dinner with us. Whole morning till afternoon he claimed he was driving. I told him he hasnt been spending time with me and kids at home. He said he was in debts and he needed work hard to earn the money. Clearing his debts was more important than quality time with kids.

I asked him one day he could earn how much potiental income from GRAB. He told me $300 to $400. I took out $400 from my bag and passed to him. The money was a portion meant to give student care fees next day. I told him I used the money to buy his working time. All I asked was he stayed home spend time with kids.

He told me he would go drive a couple trips then home. He took the $400 and drove off. That night, he never came home.

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