The Truth

I went to Starhub to replace his hp sim card since line was under my name. I stopped him from continuing using the line since I was the one paying all along and now he left home.

I thought of giving the line to my daughter to use. I inserted the sim card into her hp.

What happened next pushed me down to another level of pain.

His email and onedrive was connected to his hp number. There was a pop out asking me press verify. I clicked and I was at his email main page. I hesitated long before I decided to go into his inbox and sent email items. There were number of emails exchange between him and Cindy from MMA.

There were emails on their planning trip to Dubai. Emails on him asking Cindy to unblock him. Emails from hotel booking confirmation. He didnt went to stay at his friend’s house at CCK, as what he claimed when he didnt came home previously. The bookings were all for a queen sized bed and for 2 people. Then, there was a hotel booking stay dated 28th to 30th July 2017 at KL. 28th July was my daughter’s birthday.

I read on and saw an email dated 27 Aug 2017. That was the day he left home to move back to BTO flat at Fernvale.

“Dont be angry already. I have moved out and going back Fernvale to stay. The reason why I still with them was coz I needed get my letters which were mailed to Jurong. I will honour what I have proposed to you”

I continued to click on his Onedrive. There were tons of photos and videos. All were him and Cindy and even her kids. I looked at the photo dates. All the intimate photos and videos taken were the days he didnt return home.

28th July, my daughter’s birthday, he had videos of them playing at Sunway Lagoon theme park. They were enjoying so happily, like a family.

Then Cindy called to his hp line which I was holding. I answered but didnt talk.

“Hey, where are you? Im back from Bangkok. We can meet”

I cried and replied her. Why did you do do this to me? You said you would help me but you were busy enjoying with him. She hung up the call.

I went to his whatsapp text. There were few groupchats created. One was called SLT. Inside were the MT people. Cindy was in the groupchat. Next thing was she immediately removed his contact from that SLT groupchat.

I was in deep pain.

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