We got married

After baby was a few months old, I felt a need for us to have some couple quality time.

I went to apply credit cards from few banks at a go.

I planned for our so called “honeymoon” 1st holiday trip to HongKong. Booked SQ flight, even though I could choose a cheaper airline.

In my mind, all I thought was to gave him our 1st holiday trip a good one. Chose a 5 star hotel, went for a 5 day trip.

We went on a shopping spree, ate good food, went to watch fireworks and played at Disneyland.

We even sat a boat get across to Macau casino and played Jackpot.

I bought him LV belt as our 1st honeymoon gift. He bought a few branded shirts and jacket. All the expenses were paid from my credit card. I didnt mind. We were happy.

Soon, he wanted to get a car for his sales work purpose and for us to travel easier. Our 1st car was a Lancer.

He started engrossed in car accessories and modification stuff. Every month, his car would have new items changed. Bumper, exhuast engine, stickers, tyres rims, etc. I knew nothing about cars.

We got into quarrels over his overspending on car stuff. Once, he beat me up. I couldnt go work for a week. Boss and friends told me to report police and leave him. I didnt. Coz I loved him.

After few months, I found out that I was pregnant again. My HR told me marriage certificate was needed for me to get maternity leave in due.

I went home told him. We went down to ROM fix a date. We decided to host a simple lunch at Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel and invited his friends and family. I didnt invite my own friends. All the expenses were paid from my credit card. I didnt mind.

We got married on 29th September 2007. My baby girl, Dion turned 1 year old and was my little flower girl on that day.

When ROM officer announced us as husband and wife officially, we hugged each other and I cried… We were happy.

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