My 2nd Pregnancy

When I was about 5 months pregnant, we planned for our 2nd honeymoon trip. We went to BKK for a 4D3N. Again, I did all the bookings and arrangement. All the expenses were paid from my credit card. I didnt mind. We were happy.

When it was his birthday, I planned for KTV + drinking session and invited his close friends to celebrate with him. I paid everything and I didnt mind. I bought him a CYMA limited edition watch as gift. We were happy.

On 26th March 2008, my 2nd baby was born. It was a boy. We named him Zenith. On that night while I was at hospital, same thing, he went clubbing with friends to celebrate the joy.

My baby boy had serious Jaundice for 2 weeks after born and had to be kept in ward for bluelight treatment for a week. There was no sign of recovery after a week and the reading showed a high risk. His eyes and skin were still yellowish. Doctor said need to change blood if he still did not show recovery after 2 days. I broke down. I did not know what else I could do except the change blood option. I prayed.

Miracle really happened. The next day, his jaundice readings went down. Not so yellowish. And he slowly recovered in next few days. Thank God.

Today, Zenith has grown into a healthy happy boy at age of 11.

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