Mother of 3

I found out I was pregnant again. My eldest girl was 2 year old and 2nd son was few months old.

This 3rd pregnancy came as a sudden news as I was only prepared to be a mother of 2.

Nevertheless, we still kept things going. I had a good salary and thought it would be ok.

Seeing that we would be busier with 3 kids soon, I planned for our 3rd honeymoon trip. This time we chose Taiwan for a week. I did all the bookings and arrangement. We enjoyed ourselves. All the expenses were paid from my credit card. I didnt mind. We were still happy.

A month before my 3rd baby was due, my German company decided to end its business in Singapore to cut costs. I was retrenched with a reasonable compensation payout.

Instead of using the excess payout to clear off all my credit card debts, I chose to make him happy. I paid a thousand plus for him do his car modification. I bought latest ipad for him to use. I bought the latest smartphone for him. I returned his mum 3k on his behalf, which he had borrowed to pay for car insurance and road tax. I paid for his car loan. I used up all my compensation money easily.

On 24th April 2009, my 3rd baby was born. It was a baby girl and we named her Dyllis. Since born, her features were much outstanding compared to her 2 elder siblings. She had that long eyelashes and thick lips like Angeline Jolin.

Same thing, on that night when I was in hospital, he went clubbing for celebration. But next day when he came to visit me, he threw a stack of documents onto me. It was legal letters from the banks, wanting to sue me for nonpayment. He asked me why I didnt go pay promptly to the banks, why I anyhow spend my money.

I got hurt. I came to understand one thing.

“I was busy making u happy that I lost myself”

When Dyllis was before full month, one day she suddenly got into fits. We rushed her to hospital. It was found that my mil had given her drink too much water, which resulted her brain swollen and unable to function well.

She went into ICU for a week, doing MRI scannings, tests and diagnois.She did recover from fits, but doctor advised that we would need to monitor her behaviour carefully. The swell in the brain had become smaller but would affect her future growth.

It mean she would have difficulty in her studies and her reaction would be much more slower than other kids at her same age.

She was very close to her father, as her father had doted on her the most.

Today, Dyllis has turned into a sensible, healthy pretty lively girl at age of 10.

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