I became a Mother

I found myself pregnant after we were together for only 3 months.

I didnt know what to do. But I knew I got to keep the baby. We didnt bring up about getting married. I didnt want to tie him down using the baby as a reason.

My mother wanted me abort the baby as she felt he could not give me a stable family life. I chose to ignore. Relationship with my parents turned sour. Still I chose my own path, preparing myself to be a mother.

Soon, as my tummy grew bigger, I quitted my job as insurance agent to stay home rest. He still went clubbing a few times while I was alone at home.

We started have quarrels over some financial issues. In his fit of anger, he threw my hp down the flat. I wanted leave home. He refused let me go out. I screamed. He finally let me out but he followed me. While walking behind me, he tripped me by stepping on my slippers. I fell down. Luckily, my baby inside me was fine. I cried out loud. He felt gulity. We sat down talked things out. We were back to good.

On 28th July 2006, I gave birth to a baby girl at KKH. We named her Dion. On that night, I stayed in hospital and he went out clubbing. He said he wanted celebrate his status as a father with his friends.

When I was ready to be discharged from hospital, he and a good friend of ours, Ah Pig, came to pick me and baby home. Ah Pig had a car, so he offered to send us home.

First time as a new Mother, I had difficulty in taking care baby. Luckily we lived with his mother. His mother helped me with the 1 month confinement, cooked for me, made red date drinks for me, prepared herbal bath for me and bathed baby for me everyday.

My everyday routine was to feed baby and pumped breastmilk.

My baby girl looked so much like him.

As my 1 month confinement was finishing, I began to go online send resume hunt for job.

I was lucky that I found myself a job right after 1st interview at Serangoon North.

I started work right after my confinement ended. I gave up breastfeeding after a month at work as I couldnt cope.

I was selfish for not willing to give more months of breastmilk for my baby. I knew my own directions. I need to focus on doing my work well in order to advance and earn more money for baby.

Today, my baby girl Dion has grown into a pretty 13 year old teen.


  1. Haha… Yeah…..i m the witness.
    Sorry sassy, I choose to step back especially in your relationship with J. You know why, because I treat both of you as good friends and I really dunno who to side even I know very obviously who is in the wrong… Another reason is because you are too soft. No matters what he do or happened, you will still end up forgiving him.. . So…I can only chose to leave you all alone..
    Your post really bring back memories….
    Did i ever tell you that a simple birthday cake at the park on my birthday during my “down time” mean alot to me…
    Really happy to see a strong sassy now! šŸ™‚


    • Bro, pls dont say sorry. No right no wrong.
      You are a very kind soul all these while giving me unconditional support and help . I understand and very thankful to you.
      I do forgot about ur bday cake šŸ¤­.
      Im happy to see you have a blissful happy family now. You have a beautiful wife and 2 cheeky always laughing kids.
      Their smiles bring peace and happy.
      You r a great dad. Keep it up šŸ‘


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