Decisions made determine your Destiny.

We were waiting for BTO flat at Fernvale to be ready in 2012.

His dad got involved in loansharks and runners came up to throw paint at door, locked our gate with chains etc. The clothes which we hung outside were stained.

My kids were terrified. His dad hid in his room everyday, instead of trying to fix the loanshark problems. I wanted to call police but was stopped.

Everyday we lived in fear. I confronted his dad. I didnt want my kids to stay in such environment. I feared loansharks would recognize my kids and harassed them if the kids went to childcare or at playground.

I made the decision to move to stay at my parents house in Jurong.

Soon, my eldest daughter was going into primary 1. My BTO flat was still not ready. I decided to enroll her at Jurong school, which was also once my primary school.

When BTO flat was ready, I wasnt ready to make a decision if I should transfer my daughter to another primary school near the BTO flat. But he already made a decision to let his parents stay in our BTO flat without my knowing. His parents had sold their flat in order to repay the loansharks.

We continued to stay at Jurong, while my kids one by one got enrolled into same primary school. After school, they went to student care centre till 7pm.

In 2015, his parents bought a 1 room flat at Segar. But they had no thoughts to move as their relatives were all staying near our BTO Flat.

He told me he wanted us to move to stay at Segar instead. He wanted own family time with me and kids.

Segar was about 25 mins driving distance from the kids school. But he promised he would send them to school and home from student care everyday. I agreed to his decision.

When we moved into Segar 1 room flat, we made the living room as our sleeping, dining and watching TV area. The only room was to put our wardrobe and dressing purposes. There was only 1 toilet for sharing.

All the household chores became my own responsibility.

Every weekday, I had to wake up at 5am to prepare myself for work, got the kids up one by one from 5.45am onwards, prepared their water bottles, tied the girls’ hair, gave them breakfast while waiting for him to wake up and get ready to send the kids to school.

He would pick them up from student care after work and we would have our dinner outside before we returned home.

When home, I would do the dirty laundry, kept the clean laundry into wardrobe, ironed kids uniforms and taught kids homework. He would be lying on bed, engaging on his hp. At times, I brought work home to do.

Weekends would be sweeping and mopping the floor, washing toilet, washing kids school shoes, changing bedsheets etc. After that, we would go back to Jurong or BTO flat to have meals with parents.

This became a routine for us for 2 years.

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