He had changed from a Lancer to Subaru WRX car. After driving for 8 years, WRX had alot of breakdown and repair issues.

He wanted to change to Honda Vessel. But he needed a downpayment sum. He asked my father to lend him. Without thinking, my father lent him $20K. But he never told me.

He started interest in going Gym and Muay Thai. He wanted to keep fit.

I wasnt a sporty person. He began to criticse my looks. Dry skin, old skin, teeth ugly, loose tummy, no abs, fat thighs, dont look healthy and fit, always wear same clothing pattern.

I felt so lousy. I lost all my esteem. I had no confidence. Slowly, I turned into very bad tempered woman. I turned negative towards everything. I flared easily when kids dont listen to me. I flared when he brought me out to meet his friends.

Most of times, he didnt bother to tell me he had arranged to meet friends. I flared coz he stopped having quality time with me alone.

I flared coz I had no confidence to present myself to his friends. I flared coz I felt myself noob. I couldnt follow or engage in their conversation topics. Branded, car stuff, gym attire, Muay Thai – I knew nothing.

He didnt bother to explain to me when I asked. I felt outcasted. At times, they went clubbing and joked about girls. I got so sensitive into thinking he had other girls. I flared.

He started going out for gym right after dropping kids at home from school, without dinner. At times, he claimed he needed work late due to company entertainment. I had to rush to catch train after work to pick kids from student care, took cab home and settled their dinner. I felt exhausted.

Even on our 9th anniversay, he didnt suggest to celebrate nor return home to spend time with me.

Our relationship turned sour.

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