When we were young

“I thought marriage would be for lifetime, yet he has become part of my past now”

I got to know him at a lanshop when I was 24 and he was 25 in Year 2005. Back then, crazy over Dota games. We could stay all night at the lanshop gaming, smoke break, chit chat tok cock. He was a chiongster. Some nights he was not around at the lanshop as he went clubbing.

About a month of knowing him, one night I received a text from him – “I have a crush on you. Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

I stunned for a while. I thought in my mind, we wouldnt be suitable for each other. I dont drink, dont chiong, Im just a normal girl who doesnt know much fun activities. But he told me he was tired of his chiongster life, he wanted to settle down.

“Settled down” was the word that made me moved. We got together.

He didnt have a stable job. I was an insurance agent.

One time I went up his house when he said he needed to change clothes before we head to lanshop. I saw him ask his mum for money. I didnt think much.

He introduced me to his friends and we went Marche at Suntec for dinner. When queuing to make payment, he asked me pay for him as he didnt bring enough money. I didnt think much and paid.

Soon, I moved into his parents house to stay with him. He got a new sales promoter job at Marina Square. Everyday, I would visit him for lunch. Sometimes we would catch movies during his breaktime.

KTV and Gaming were both our common interests, and that was how made us sticked together and enjoyed each other company and fun.

After dating for a month, he told me his handphone line was subscribed under his friend’s name. He asked me if he could transfer his line under my name, so that he need not trouble his friend anymore. I didnt think much. We went to Starhub to make the transfer.

From that day onwards, his monthly hp bills became part of my responsibilities.

“When you love someone, you follow his flow blindly. Just coz u loved him”

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