For u, single mum

“If love must be filled with blessings and disasters, may we live to love again”

I thought its the end of everything when he left. I thought it was embarassing to be a single mum and people will mock at me.

But… no.

My life does not end when he left. Think for the kids. The kids did not ask to come into this world, but we made them to.

“Give the kids’ lives worth living for” that was what I needed to do.

I spoke to friends, family and bosses about my situation. I knew I needed help to get back on my feet for my kids.

Today Im blessed by their unconditional love and support. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing my kids happier than before.

Shout out to all the single mums. Dont lose yourself, dont be silent, dont lose hope. Dont even think of killing yourself. He is not worth for u to lose ur life.

Have courage to speak to family and friends if you need support. Find social services for help. Your kids need you.

Never give up trying being a good mother coz of bad situations or people.

If you feel tired, learn to rest but not to quit”

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