A promise not delivered is a debt unpaid

“Kids also have feelings. Give them the basic respect they need. Deliver them the promise you made.”

Their daddy promised to bring them out today at 12pm, as arranged on last Tuesday.

He sent a last minute text at 11.30am today to my eldest daughter, saying he needed to work 1st before he could bring them out. It would take another 2 to 3 hours. He is a full time Grab driver.

Last minute change of timing, the kids needed lunch. Luckily I was available.

Brought them out to lunch. Time passed by, he didnt text back if he was done.

Kids felt lost and asked me ” what is the plan now? Is he coming to bring us out or not?”

I brought them to CCK park to play. There, they played happily with the swings, playground and sand.

Tired after playing for 2 hours, we decided to go home.

He finally sent a text to my eldest daughter at 6pm saying he about to end work. But since it was late already, he proposed to bring them out another day.

This is not the 1st time he “fly kite” at the kids. In past 3 years, he suggested bring them out less than 8 times but “fly kite” for more than 5 times.

Please give basic respect to the kids.

They didnt ask for your time. You asked for their time. You made them waited for nothing. They have feelings.

They are more than ok if you never want to bring them out. But if you promised to bring them out, do it.

A simple request I ask from you – Stop hurt the kids.

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